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3D-Printed Protein Bars are Now a Thing You Can Buy

Nourished Protein Bars are an industry-first, 3D-printed supplement bringing over 420 unique flavor combinations to your personal taste buds.

nourished 3d printed protein bars

We all have a favorite flavor of protein bar. Some of us are crazy for fruit-centric tastes, while others can't get enough chocolate anything. Reach for any tasty treat enough, though, and odds are you'll soon become burned out.

Flavor fatigue is a real thing, and it can turn every bite into a chore. But what if every bite was as enjoyable as a home-cooked meal? What if the bar wasn't catering to the masses, but your own personal tastebuds?

That's exactly what Nourished is bringing to the table with the launch of its all-new Protein Bars. With over 420 unique combinations to choose from, you can personalize your protein consumption for how you like. But these flavorful curations aren't made in a traditional kitchen or factory, no. They're 3D-printed — yes you read that correctly.

How Nourished disrupts manufacturing with 3D printing

Using patented technology, Nourished uses 3D printing to layer every component of the protein bars, similar to how they concoct their lineup of personalized vitamin stacks. The innovative approach to manufacturing allows for better efficacy of the active ingredients, creating a stable mix of nutrients that's fully customized to your wants and needs.

3D printing also allows the latest protein bars to be truly made-to-order in a more rapid fashion than other, less innovative customization approaches.

nourished 3d printed protein bars
nourished 3d printed protein bars

How to construct your personal protein bars

To begin the mouth-watering process, you first choose one of 15 available base flavors, from Strawberry Coulis, to Chocolate Sauce, to Mint Extract and more. Next come the toppings, of which there are 14 available options. Finally, you're asked to choose the final coating to your custom protein bar: vegan milk chocolate or vegan white chocolate. You can even add your name to the plastic-free, compostable packaging for that exclamation point of personalization — or a good defense for snack thieves.

According to Nourished, every bar, regardless of composition, delivers less than 2.5 grams of sugar, at least 18 grams of soy-based protein and is 100 percent plant-based. The vegan bars are also free from artificial sweeteners.

Where to get Nourished 3D-Printed Protein Bars

Starting today, you can begin your customized roadmap to tasty protein intake online. After you've chosen your flavors and bar build, you can choose between a one-time purchase or subscribe for regular deliveries at your chosen cadence. Each box contains 12 bars, with one-time purchases costing $4.17 per serving (subscription services are cheaper at $3.75 per bar). This is expensive when compared to other protein bars out there, but other bars aren't as catered to your tastebuds. Nourished Protein Bars are bespoke, after all.

If you're not sure which flavors to choose, Nourished does offer Selection and Taster boxes, which include a variety of the top flavors recommended by the brand.

Whether you're looking for that personalized flavor palette or just want to try a new, innovative treat, the Nourished Protein Bars should add a new dimension to your healthy lifestyle.

Nourished Protein Bar
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