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Staff Favorites: Scott Packard

The seventh installment of our Staff Favorites series features Mr. Scott Packard.



Benchmade Tactical Folder 710DLC-1 BMW X5 xDrive50i John Lobb Luffield Oxfords Seiko 6309-7409 All-Clad Saute Pan Trek Madone 6.2 Antique Persian Qum Silk Rug Bellamy Hand-carved Wood Eagle Marine Officer Mameluke Sword Hermes Calfskin Jacket

The seventh installment of our Staff Favorites series features Mr. Scott Packard. Scott is thoroughly defined by his 20 years of service as a Marine Corps infantry officer; you’ll see this clearly throughout his staff picks. But to imagine that this is his sole character trait is entirely foolish. He’s an excellent writer, enrapturing GP’s audience with Defense Journals and other articles packed full of ethos and well-studied logic. Scott’s also an active athlete (his favorite pastimes include bicycling, surfing, skiing and even, recently, motocross); a craft beer enthusiast who frequents many of the great tap rooms in his home of San Diego with his wife, who he says enjoys beer even more than he; a passionate cook; and a father and husband. He is, in short, the Most Interesting Man in the World’s older, wiser brother. We’re proud to have this experienced character on our staff. He’s proud of some awesome gear.

Benchmade Tactical Folder 710DLC-1 McHenry & Williams Design

A gift, subdued and inscribed with “Marine Warrior”, from someone I deeply respect who knows the meaning of both words. The super-tough G10 handles can take some serious punishment, and the tool steel blade is just about as tough as they come. My blade is a bit beat up from use in many a clime and place, and occasionally opening the mail.

Buy Now: $260

BMW X5 xDrive50i

The Bimmer is a tight, beefy driving machine — truck owners look up in surprise when I fire her up. Unlike other luxury German brands, BMW is about the driving — even more so with the M Sport Package — and less about the luxe. Get in and drive one, and you’ll realize that it’s not some boxy hauler, but a precision-muscled beast that just happens to have an SUV shape to it. The power is intoxicating.

Buy Now: $64,200 (base)

John Lobb Luffield Oxfords

Clean lines, fantastic craftsmanship, incredibly comfortable. James Bond even wore a pair, which explains why I can literally sprint in these shoes. The Luffield isn’t made anymore, but if you’re in the market for a truly fine pair of dress shoes, you can’t go wrong with John Lobb.

Learn More: Here

Seiko 6309-7409 Dive Watch

My parents gave me this watch in 1979 — I was 12 — when I completed my open ocean dive certification. In the mid-’80s, my brother borrowed it, went skiing, and lost it when the strap failed. Improbably, his friend found it the next year and returned it. Compared to more modern watch movements, it keeps terrible time, but it’s built like a brick shithouse. I honestly believe it could stop a bullet.

Learn More: Here

All-Clad Non-stick 12″ Saute Pan

You can make culinary magic with this thing. Just have to keep the wife and kids — and their metal utensils and high heat — away from it. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can ruin it quickly, and you should stick to cast iron. But there’s nothing better for making a proper omelet.

Buy Now: $178

Trek Madone 6.2

I don’t have a horse. This is my trusty steed. The full carbon frame and fork provide lightness and rigidity along with seriously beautiful geometry. It handles like a man-powered Ferrari, climbs like a billy goat, and any performance issues are solely due to engine/pilot shortcomings.

Buy Now: $4,620

Antique Persian Qum Hand-Knotted Silk Rug

This is a work of art. It’s a rug, but I hang it on the wall. I purchased it in Abu Dhabi, after five hours of haggling during a “rug throw” where the proprietor unrolls rugs for consideration, where I was taken with the rich colors and the intricate detail.

Buy Now: $8,500

Bellamy Hand-carved Wood Eagle

My grandfather was a master carpenter by trade, and an incredibly skilled wood carver by hobby. He masterfully hand-carved this Bellamy-style wooden eagle, which is a family heirloom that I own with much pride. My father inherited the eagle when my grandfather passed, and gave it to me in 2011 for joining the family business — Naval military service.

Learn More: Here

Marine Officer Mameluke Sword

The Mameluke is a beautiful saber, based on the weapon of the Mamelukes of the Magreb, and represents the rich history of the Marine Corps. While the sword is solely ceremonial, it serves as a symbol of service and the concept of “noblesse oblige” (French for “nobility obliges”) that is central to being a Marine officer. It’s also fascinating to children, as a potential toy (no), and adults, for whom many of these concepts are foreign and anachronistic. It’s earned, not purchased.

Learn More: Here

The Grail: Hermes Leather Jacket

The leather is butter, the color of coffee adulterated with a dollop of cream.

Learn More: Here

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