Everything you need to know about Bourbon, for beginners and experts alike.

Bourbon 101

Foundational knowledge every bourbon drinker should know
What the Hell Is Small Batch Bourbon?

The words are stamped on all your favorite whiskeys; do they mean anything?

What Is Bottled-in-Bond?
In 1897, the Bottled-in-Bond Act was meant to protect drinkers from drinking tainted whiskey. Today, the law lives on, but with new imp…
whiskey brands
Who Owns Your Favorite Whiskey Brand?

Whiskey, like most Big Business, is dominated by a few power players. Here's how it all shakes out.

does whiskey go bad gear patrol lead feature
Does Whiskey Go Bad? Everything You Need to Know

What to know if you have a dozen bottles of half-finished whiskey in your cabinet.

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Bourbon Buying Guides & Recommendations

Essential bottles to try and buy
best bourbon gear patrol lead featured
The 21 Best Bourbons to Drink in 2022

Everything you ever wanted to know about America’s favorite brown spirit, including, of course, the best bottles you can actually buy.

best affordable bourbons
The Best Cheap Whiskey You Can Buy

Whiskey, despite going off like a bomb this past decade, can still be an affordable game to play.

Bourbons to Buy Before Their Price Skyrockets

The bottles of whiskey experts think are going to balloon in value over time.

Shelf Sleepers

Bourbons we love that are flying under the radar
Wild Turkey's Best Bourbon Isn't Even Wild Turkey

Russell's Reserve 10-year-old bourbon is a time capsule back to the bourbon world of 2005.

This Isn't Your Weird Uncle's Bottle of Jack

The case for Old No. 7’s beefier, top shelf counterpart.

Forget What You Know and Try This Bulleit Bourbon
According to literally everyone who gave it a chance, Bulleit's Eboni Major pulled together one hell of a whiskey. Why doesn't anybody …
grand dad
Jim Beam's Best Value Bourbon Is a Trojan Horse

The name and the branding are forgettable cliches; the whiskey is anything but.

A Mystery Bourbon Is Sub-$15 and Absolute Rules

What is perhaps the best cheap bourbon in the entire world is a whiskey ghost.

bakers 7
Nobody Is Drinking One of Jim Beam's Best Bourbons

Baker's Bourbon came back from a study abroad trip with renewed purpose and abs. Here's hoping nobody notices.

knob creek single barrel bourbon
Knob Creek Single Barrel Is Underrated as Hell

A higher proof, single barrel variant offers more than Jim Beam's small(er) batch offering does.

old forester
What Does Whiskey History Taste Like? Snickers Bar
Old Forester's Prohibition Style bourbon is one of the best and most interesting whiskeys at its price point. Why? Your guess is as goo…
The Maker's Mark Try-Hard Bourbon Fan Club Is Here

Or, the uncanny similarities between Maker's Mark and LeBron James.

buff trace
Can't Find Blanton's? Try This Buff Trace Whiskey

If Blanton's Bourbon went through the 2020 we did it'd be Hancock's President's Reserve.

mellow corn
Why Everyone Needs One Bottle of Mellow Corn

From the makers of Elijah Craig, Evan Williams and more great bourbons, comes a plastic screw-cap hero of the bottom-shelf.

david nicholson reserve
This Bourbon Is Cherry Pie in Whiskey Form

Don't know David Nicholson Reserve? No sweat, no one else does either.

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Bourbon Bottle & Brand Guides

Get context on the history and hype
small batch bourbon 1792
What's the Deal with 1792 Bourbon?
Known for winning awards, great value for your dollar and nobody talking about it all that much, 1792 bourbon is new brand with a lot o…
What's the Deal with Basil Hayden's Bourbon?

The ultimate gateway bourbon or overpriced and watered-down? Basil Hayden whiskey is a lightning rod for extremely hot takes. Why?

blantons bourbon
What's the Deal with Blanton's Bourbon?

Lusting over Blanton's is a rite of passage for all would-be bourbon drinkers. Why?

guide to buffalo trace gear patrol lead full
The Complete Buying Guide to Buffalo Trace Whiskey

From Pappy Van Winkle to dirt cheap cocktail whiskey, here’s everything you need to know about America’s most-awarded whiskey makers.

buffalo trace antique collection
What's the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection?

Buffalo Trace's Antique Collection has become one of the most sought-after prizes in the whiskey hunting world. What's the fuss?

What's the Deal with Eagle Rare?

Buffalo Trace's gateway bourbon is as popular and hard to find as ever. Here's everything you need to know.

eh taylor small batch bourbon
What's the Deal with E.H. Taylor Small Batch?

The most "accessible" bourbon in the E.H. Taylor Jr. brand portfolio is increasingly difficult to find. Why?

Need: Woodford Reserve's Vanilla Bomb Bourbon

Liked by just about everyone, Woodford Reserve's Double Oaked bourbon is the Ted Lasso of the whiskey world.

stagg jr bourbon
What's the Deal with Stagg Jr. Bourbon?
Drinking Buffalo Trace Distillery's burly, high-proof bourbon is a rite of passage for new whiskey lovers. What is it, and how did it g…
old fitzgerald bourbon
What's the Deal with Old Fitzgerald Bourbon?

Produced by Heaven Hill Distillery, Old Fitzgerald is a 150-year-old bourbon brand with ties to Pappy Van Winkle, Weller and more.

Weller 12-Year: What It Is and Why It's So Pricey

The rise of Weller 12, from shelf sleeper to baby Pappy to unobtanium.

wild turkey
The Complete Guide to Wild Turkey Whiskey

From 101 to Master's Keep, here's everything you need to know about Wild Turkey, one of America's most cherished whiskey makers.

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Understanding Bourbon Trends

What the industry is focused on now and where it's headed next
Why Whiskey Nerds Buy Rare Bourbon by the Barrel

Can't find bottles of Pappy, Michter's and Birthday Bourbon? Buy the whole barrel.

Whiskey Dads and Single Barrel Bourbon

Think that bottle of bourbon is a thoughtful Father’s Day gift? Not after reading this.

How BTAC Changed the Whiskey Game for Good
Before its 21st consecutive fall release, a retrospective on Buffalo Trace's Antique Collection is a reminder how far bourbon has come,…
Buffalo Trace's Obsession with Futuristic Whiskey
Depending on who you ask, Buffalo Trace's Experimental Collection of whiskey is either a deep-dive into the spirit's many possible futu…

Bourbon Collecting

An introduction to rare and hard to find bottles
5 Bourbon Whiskeys You Can Only Find Overseas

Some of America’s best bourbon makers reserve some of their oldest stock for Japan.

What's the Most Expensive Bottle of Bourbon?
From extra-rare Pappy to a bottle dubbed "the best bourbon you'll never drink," these are the most expensive bottles of Kentucky's fine…
Bourbons to Buy Before Their Price Skyrockets

The bottles of whiskey experts think are going to balloon in value over time.

collection of blantons
Here's What $100,000 Worth of Blanton's Looks Like

Think your Blanton's collection is impressive? Meet Dominic Guglielmi.

Bourbon Buzz: New Bottle Releases + Our Analysis and Opinions

Follow every move and moment
How to Make the "Perfect" Bourbon
An inside look into how Buffalo Trace Distillery set out to create bourbon perfection with the help of 5,645 friends, as told by vetera…
jack daniels 10 year
It's Time to Take Jack Daniel's Whiskey Seriously

Don't look now, but Jack Daniel's is quietly filling out a potent lineup of genuinely good whiskey.

trader joes buffalo trace bourbon whiskey barrel entry proof
Looking for Affordable Bourbon? Check Trader Joe's
People are saying there might be Buffalo Trace bourbon in Trader Joe's store-brand whiskey. That's probably not the case, but it's stil…
chasing whiskey
Bourbon Is Becoming Stupid Expensive. Why?

To get an idea why the price of a bottle of whiskey continues to grow you need only compare it to the humble lawn mower.

collage of three whiskey bottles
Love Buffalo Trace Bourbon? Try These Whiskeys

Sometimes you can’t find Buffalo Trace. Sometimes you want something different, but not too different.

wild turkey archival
Want to Understand Bourbon? Drink Wild Turkey

One of America's greatest whiskey producers have created a catalog uniquely suited to whiskey self-education.

Bob Dylan's New Bourbon Makes the Perfect Gift

Heaven's Door Whiskey does its first collaboration ever with Irish whiskey brand Redbreast.

buffalo trace
Buffalo Trace's Latest Booze Isn't Whiskey

The fabled Kentucky whiskey makers have tried their hand at a Baijiu-style spirit — and tipped off where bourbon might go next.

One of the Best Bourbon Hits Shelves Now

Four Roses Distillery to increase the distribution of its critically acclaimed bourbon Small Batch Select.

a bottle of whiskey
Uncle Nearest Is a Whiskey You Need to Try ASAP

In less than four years, Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey has proven to be a force in the spirits business.

christ stapleton
Buffalo Trace's Newest Bourbon Could Save Lives

Celebrating the 124th year of the Bottled-In-Bond Act passing with rare bourbon and a life-saving cause.

purist united
This Bourbon Made by Podcasters Is... Pretty Great

Welcome to 2021, when your favorite bourbon podcast and your favorite bourbon come from the same people.

Discover Bourbon Fans & Communities

Love Bourbon? You're not alone...
watch accounts to follow on instagram
5 Instagram Accounts to Get You Into Bourbon

From a behind-the-scenes distillery account to the most prolific whiskey reviewer on the internet.

Inside Facebook’s Whiskey Black Markets

The best place to buy, sell and trade any rare (or ordinary) whiskey under the sun, so long as you have the coin. For now.

hunting for pappy van winkle gear patrol bar ambiance
Two Months Hunting for the Most Wanted Bourbon

Pappy Van Winkle is America’s most coveted whiskey. This is what it takes to track it down.

does whiskey go bad gear patrol lead feature
Need Whiskey, Wine and Beer For Your Holiday Party? These Are the Best Alcohol Delivery Services

Searching your cupboards and bar cart for margarita ingredients? Want to stack cases of Coors Light?