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Staff Favorites: Jonathan Gallegos

The eighth installment of our Staff Favorites series features Mr. Jonathan Gallegos.


The eighth installment of our Staff Favorites series features Mr. Jonathan Gallegos. Jonathan has been described as a “strange bird” among the GP crew — though we mean it in the most affectionate sense. He certainly has an eclectic skill set: a Masters Degree in taxation paved the way for his full-time job as a tax accountant, but before all that this numbers man also figured out how to deftly craft copy, all the while bussing tables, running a “debt-laden” eBay store and toweling off tennis pros. His passions run wide and deep. Photography, cars, sports, arguing the finer points of Shiner Bock and his other favorite beers — none are spared his attention. All of these things are firmly rooted in his sometimes obscene, always diabolically funny sense of humor. He might not always be entirely tasteful, but he’s got a damn good taste in gear.

1988 Mazda RX-7

The first car I ever owned. It stuck with me through thick and thin. Drove it to prom, pretended to rally-cross it on dirt roads, blew a tire at 110 mph, and raised hell through the streets of a sleepy, dusty town on the edge of the desert. With the Wankel engine, rear-wheel-drive and Porsche 944-like styling, what a hoot of a car to have as my first.

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Country Wisdom and Know How

I was given this book as a birthday present from my wife. If that zombie apocalypse or any other various Armageddon predictions go down, you’ll find me clutching this gem when I rise from the rubble. It has thorough explanations and detailed illustrations to (nearly) live off the grid. It’s voluminous and practical. Everyone should own a copy of this book.

Buy Now: $15

New Mexico Pinon Coffee

Everyone’s got an addiction. My happens to be pinons. And caffeine. Together they make a fantastic daily drinker. Crazy affordable and positively delicious, it’s my go to every morning and the quantity consumed skyrockets during tax season.

Buy Now: $10

Casio W-S200h

My dad gave this to me a long time ago. It’s a cheap, electronic wristwatch. 10 out of 10 people would pass on purchasing this watch. It’s large, clunky, and found in most bargain stores. But this particular gift is one that has been through hell and back. It’s traveled with me to multiple countries, deep into the ocean and high up powder-capped mountains. I appreciate the precision an electronic watch gives; what it lacks in panache, it makes up for in practicality. If we’re ever sitting across from each other in a board room, you might even see a glimpse of this watch flash from under my tailored suit. Tacky? Don’t care. If I’m wearing this, I’m on a mission.

Buy Now: $30

Canon Rebel XS

The first camera body I’ve ever owned. I got it for Christmas and thought, “great, what the hell am I going to do with a camera?” It taught me the basics of light, aperture, framing, exposure, the rule of thirds. Everything I know about cameras stems from and originated with this entry-level body. Best Christmas gift ever.

Buy Now: $600

Johnston & Murphy Sheepskin Loafers

I work in a cubicle, what can I say. J&M is my go-to brand for comfort and moderate style. Their timeless sheepskin tassel loafers work well for me and, like other things that matter, they last (until the dog gets them).

Buy Now: $100

Gap 1969 Boot Fit Jeans

It’s no frills for me. I don’t do acid washed, skinny, hip hugging, thigh hugging, cropped or anything odd. No thick, white stitching, metallic coloring or weird patterns. These trends ebb and flow, appear then vanish, divide then diminish. I’m steady as she goes. Solid. Just the basics, please. Denim and blue.

Buy Now: $60

Spy Targa II Goggles

Spy makes some solid stuff. Their ski goggles are no-nonsense and they’re my faithful companions on the slopes every year I go speeding through the white stuff. Great for peripheral vision, plus they’re cheap with a classic design. Upgrade the lens and you’ve got a great pair of goggles.

Buy Now: $40

Columbia Steens Mountain Tech Full Zip

It doesn’t get very cold in Texas, which makes outerwear requirements less demanding. A simple fleece does a great job for almost all weather conditions. I like Columbia because it’s made with good (probably not great) quality, it’s somewhat inexpensive (easily replaceable), and it works in a multitude of dress situations. If you see me on the streets, I’m probably rocking one of these.

Buy Now: $75

Sharp QS2130 Desktop Calculator

I make a living with this thing (and MS Excel, and various other overpriced accounting software). I see it more hours a day than I do my wife. It’ll continue to be a big part of my life for a long time. The large number pad and digital readout are just enough to make any accountant geek out.

Buy Now: $45

The Grail: Tickets to Frank Sinatra’s 1958 performance at The Sporting Club in Monaco

I love Frank Sinatra. When I was still on training wheels, my grandfather would drive me around town in his old, musty Buick and only listen to Frank. His music represents more than fun elevator music, but the nostalgia of an era gone by, an era of people who decided to cast the horror of World War behind them and focus on enjoying the life they had been given. Though metaphysical time travel isn’t typical gear grail, having been alive to see Ol’ Blue Eyes perform in Monaco would be, for me, The Grail. But I guess the CD will do.

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