Photo Essay: Geno’s Barberia

Geno learned to be a barber in Montenegro at age 13.

Geno has a quiet confidence about him, which matches his methodical and elegant shaves. He learned his craft at age 13 in his hometown in Montenegro before moving to New York at age 24. After years of building up a loyal following at a barber shop down the street, he made the leap to open his own place at 48 Greenwich Avenue in the West Village — Geno’s Barberia — and has never looked back.

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Geno’s attentiveness echoes the ambiance of his shop. Fitted with old-school Belmont chairs, wood paneling, and classic metal light fixtures, Geno’s is stylish but understated, delivering a no-fuss, welcoming vibe. Where other retro barbershops around the city betray their true age with cartoonish mustaches and poncy decor, you’d never know that Geno’s has only been open since 2010.

Haircuts start at $40, which is more expensive than getting a friend to cut your hair but less than you’d pay at a salon. Included in the price is the satisfaction of sharing a barber with big guns like Daniel Day-Lewis (very satisfying) and Jack Dorsey (only moderately satisfying). Even if you’re just an average gentleman in need of a trim, you can expect to be treated exactly the same as everyone else.

Geno has six employees, whom he calls “the best people in the city”. They have a history of sticking around, and the same seems to be true with his customers. We dropped in just before opening time, and as we were leaving the chairs filled up, with another handful of guys waiting patiently for a cut and a shave with one of New York’s best barbers.

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