Viewfinder: Almanzo 100

The Almonzo 100 is a gravel bike race that takes place each year over 100 miles of the gently rolling gravel roads of Fillmore County in Southeastern Minnesota. Pretty standard — except for the lack of entry fee, aid station, or support team.

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There is no entry fee to the Almanzo 100. But there is also no aid station. No support team. No waivers. Nothing. Just a starting time and a laminated cue sheet to guide racers to the finish, 100 miles and 7,000 vertical feet away, over the gently rolling gravel roads of Fillmore County in southeastern Minnesota. Hundreds of experts and novices meet race coordinator Chris Skogen at the starting line each year in Spring Valley on the first Saturday after Mother’s Day. The only thing Skogen has is a postcard from each racer with their name, age and email address. The only things the racers have are themselves, two tires and 100 miles of gravel to crush.

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