Sony MZ1 MiniDisc Player

Move Over Cassettes & CDs, There's a New Tech in Town


If you’re irritated by the poor recording quality of cassettes while pirating Baby Got Backoff the radio, or just don’t like the shiny form factor of the Compact Disc, then the Sony MZ1 portable MiniDisc recorder and player might be just what you need. Released as the first consumer device to coincide with Sony’s new MiniDisc audio platform, one tiny (68 × 72 × 5 mm) disc cartridge can store around of an hour of hi quality audio, which Sony claims can be recorded over a 1,000,000 plus times without a loss in sound quality. In terms of the MZ1 player itself, the device is built for recording excellence. Featuring a 10-second shock-resistant memory, as well as the ability to divide tracks, combine them, or erase them individually, this nifty gizmo has all the tools you’ll need to mint your own discs or mix tapes. It even supports track and disc title information, which users can program in to be displayed on the device’s screen for easy navigation. Sony has also pledged to release “hundreds of prerecorded titles from your favorite artists” on the format too, so buyers can enjoy the music they love at the highest level of quality. Standing on the cutting edge though doesn’t come cheap as this drool worthy gadget is slated to retail for $750. Considering its robust functionality and feature set though, the MZ1 might just be worth it.

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