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The 20 Best American IPAs
Our Most Shared Story: Still think Goose Island IPA is craft beer? Time to restock your fridge with some real craft American IPAs worth the buzz. Read Now

Triumph Makes a Cafe Racer for the 21st Century
Popular on Facebook: Cafe racers are meant to evoke the past, but Triumph’s all new Thruxton R is every bit a modern-day motorcycle. And it’s well worth the wait. Read Now

A Sneak Peek Inside New York’s Stunning New Car Mecca
Popular on Flipboard: A Cobra for under $80,000? We’ll take two. Read Now
Photo by Jason Heaton

Inside Jaeger-LeCoultre, the Watchmaker’s Watchmaker
Most Linked Story: There’s a lot of intricate work happening at the factory of a watchmaking legend. We dispatched staff writer Jason Heaton for an intimate look behind the curtain. Read Now

10 Great Watches Under $500
Most Clicked Story: For under $500, you can afford a chronograph, a GMT, a super-thin Bauhaus or a military style dive watch. Take your pick of our favorites. Read Now
Eric Yang

Everything You Know About Running Shoes Is Wrong
Most Emailed Story: Diagnosed as an under- or overpronator? According to these experts, that’s all hogwash. Read Now
coffee table books gear patrol lead featured
Henry Phillips

This Year’s Great New Coffee Table Books
Popular on Pinterest: A list of the best books of the last six months, and a few that are coming this summer, to ensure that the waiting area of your life will never be boring. Read Now

First Look: Hasselblad’s New Medium-Format H6D Camera
Most Shared on Twitter: Hasselblad’s new flagship finally brings the storied camera system back to the cutting edge. Read Now

The Modern Cycling Computer with an Analog Design
Popular News: TThe Omata One tracks like a Garmin with the good looks of a high-end timepiece. Read Now
Chase Pellerin

Our 20 Favorite Indie Food Magazines
Popular Roundup: Our 20 Favorite Indie Food Magazines Read Now

Staff Favorites

Bryan Campbell – Associate Staff Writer
• Everything You Know About Running Shoes Is Wrong. Read Now

J. Travis Smith – Associate Staff Writer
• The Perfect Athletic Shoe, Made by Hand. Read Now

Tucker Bowe – Associate Editor
• First Look: Hasselblad’s New Medium-Format H6D Camera. Read Now

Andrew Connor – Editorial Apprentice
• Can a Fashion Brand Make a Better Backpack? Read Now

Matthew Ankeny – Senior Editor
• The Perfect Athletic Shoe, Made by Hand. Read Now

Chris Wright – Associate Editor
• The 20 Best American IPAs. Read Now

Ben Bowers – Managing Editor
• A Sneak Peek Inside New York’s Stunning New Car Mecca. Read Now

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