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HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Is a Gold Mine of Craft Beer and Bong Easter Eggs

Why craft beer snobs and ganja aficionados should be watching Silicon Valley.


When they aren’t making shaky business deals with billionaires or fighting for their startup’s survival, the five computer programmers in Silicon Valley are constantly drinking craft beer and smoking out of elaborate bongs. Hell, why shouldn’t they — it’s not like they’re working in some buttoned-up corporate office. Building their own company means living and working together in the same cramped and cluttered house (the so-called “Hacker Hostel”) with total freedom to get as drunk or high as they please. Look deeper into each episode, and you’ll notice frequent name-drops of real-life companies and people, sprinkled in by the show’s creators, Mike Judge, Alec Berg, Dave Krinsky, Michael Rotenberg and Tom Lassally. The show’s opening title sequence is packed with references to real Silicon Valley occurrences. Many of the show’s easter eggs are outspoken and obvious (references to Apple, Facebook or Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey), while others, like homages to favorite craft beer breweries and head shops, are harder to catch.

We binged all three seasons to bring you the best beers and bongs of the show, so you can party like a Silicon Valley programmer.

Indio by Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, S.A. de C.V.


Season 1, Episode 1
“Let’s just think different. Uh, don’t think different, that’s Apple. Umm, let’s just — let’s just do it. I know that’s Nike. Fuck it, I don’t know. Let’s make it happen.” — Richard

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AleSmith IPA by AleSmith Brewing Company


Season 1, Episode 2
“Sorry if I scared you. I know I have somewhat ghost-like features. My uncle used to say, ‘You look like someone starved a virgin to death.’” — Jared

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Old Rasputin Imperial Stout by North Coast Brewing Co.


Season 2, Episode 1
“Peter Gregory is dead.” — Jian-Yang

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Pale Ale by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.


Season 2, Episode 2
“First off, Monica, you’re not fooling any of us for even a second with your dress-shitty-to-ease-the-pain routine. It’s a classic chick break-up move. And you’re not really good at it, either. You look great.” — Erlich

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Scrimshaw Pilsner by North Coast Brewing Co.


Season 2, Episode 2
“Cancer? That’s still out there. Any of us could have it. Food for thought — which a lot of people also don’t have. Have a great party, guys.” — Dinesh

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Steamroller Glass Pipe by Grav Labs


Season 2, Episode 3
“Are you guys saying you’d rather me let Pied Piper die? ‘Cause that’s what’s gonna happen if we don’t take this deal.” — Richard

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Pranqster by North Coast Brewing Co.


Season 2, Episode 6
“You look like a ferret that gave up on himself six months ago, Gilfoyle.” — Erlich

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Old Stock Ale by North Coast Brewing Co.


Season 2, Episode 7
“Wait, so, you are trying to convince this girl that you run half-marathons, but you won’t walk halfway across this house to get your iPhone?” — Gilfoyle

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Brother Thelonius by North Coast Brewing Co.


Season 3, Episode 1
“How could they do this? How could they fire me from my own company? — Richard

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Blue Label Medium Beaker by Illadelph


Season 3, Episode 1
“I know I made some mistakes. I’ll get better. I’ll even go to one of those CEO coaches, like that guy at fucking Twitter.” — Richard

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India Pale Ale by Goose Island Brewing Co.


Season 3, Episode 3
“Hello, this is Bertram Gilfoyle. Yes, I’m still available. And I would reconsider sitting down with you and your clients, if you send four large pizzas to 5230 Newell Road in thirty minutes or less.” — Gilfoyle

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Family Reserve 23-Year Bourbon Whiskey by Pappy Van Winkle


Season 3, Episode 3
“Shall we drink from the tit of Pappy to celebrate? I think I might actually enjoy going to work now.” — Gilfoyle

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Red Stripe Jamaican Lager by Desnoes & Geddes Limited


Season 3, Episode 4
“And your solution was to go into business with him? Big Head? The guy you once called more useless than a bag of dicks without a handle?” — Dinesh

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1500 Pale Ale by Drake’s Brewing Co.


Season 3, Episode 5
“Big Head, I would hope a handshake deal would be good enough for you. Because we’re headed down a long road, and that road must be paved with trust. Blind trust. And you bringing in the so-called ‘experts’ gives me pause.” — Erlich

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Puck The Beer by North Coast Brewing Co.


Season 3, Episode 8
“You know, Erlich, Pied Piper still needs a Head of PR. You seem to be well-versed in media outreach and, by your own admission in that article, your head is — what’d you say — so far up your own ass, you can see the future.” — Richard

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Pliny the Elder by Russain River Brewing Company


Season 3, Episode 9
“You ungrateful pricks — all of you! Your tepid response to our intrepid boss makes me ill. His plan — will it work? Almost certainly not. All of you will likely look back at this time in your lives and realize you wasted a whole year with nothing to show for it. But if this company is a plane, then this is Richard’s goddamn plane! And if he wants to fly it into the side of a fucking mountain, then that is his prerogative. And it is our duty to climb on, strap in, and have a fiery death right behind him.” — Erlich

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Watermelon Dorado by Ballast Point Brewing Company


Season 3, Episode 9
“So, Richard — you want us to take the most sophisticated and technically complex compression-based platform ever created and add that?” — Dinesh

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