Everything You Need to Weather a Hurricane

We’ve hit the peak months of Hurricane Season 2016.


There are basic emergency goods everyone in a hurricane-prone area should account for: canned goods, clean water, flashlights, ice. However, the specifics of preparation can vary based on your exact proximity to a coast.

At the outset of the peak months of Hurricane Season, those living particularly close to a coast will want to make sure they have everything they need to board up the windows and throw up any other necessary fortifications: well-functioning power tools; screws, nails, bits; ladders, and so on. More landlocked homeowners and apartment-dwellers may need only worry about the basics. And everyone — everyone — should make sure they’ve got quality board games in the event of a weeklong power outage. If you’re anticipating a Big One, get stocked with a few of our guides below.

The Ultimate Tool Kit

Drills, bits, saws for cutting wood — this is everything you might need to fortify your home, and to handle any necessary repairs after the fact.

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10 Best EDC Flashlights

Every home should have a flashlight — but when it comes to hurricane prep, you should make sure you have a reliable one.

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The Ultimate Survival Bag

You probably won’t reach a “worst comes to worst” situation — but there’s much to learn from those who prep for the extremes, in terms of food and first aid.

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The Best Portable Power Banks

A power outage doesn’t have to mean total cold-turkey tech withdrawal anymore.

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Wi-Fi Hotspots for Every Type of Traveler

For when losing internet isn’t an option. Just hope your local cell tower isn’t knocked out.

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GoTenna Takes Peer-to-Peer Communication Off the Grid

Inspired by the communication outages that plagued NYC after Sandy hit, GoTenna allows users to send text and receive text and GPS information sans cell service.

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The Best Boardgames You’ve Never Heard Of

Speaking from experience: if you’re completely in the dark, you’ll want more than just Monopoly to wile away the hours.

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Your Summer Reading List: Fiction Books

For when you’re bored with board games.

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