The Most Beautiful Snowboard Bindings Ever Made

Travis Rice’s new company adorns typically plain equipment with stunning artwork.


Snowboard bindings are often just a means to an end — that obligatory connector between body and board. Asymbol, a small fine arts company that emerged from the mind of Travis Rice, thinks differently. Asymbol works with artists from within the board-sports world to put prints and paintings on more walls — or, in this case, on a pair of gorgeous limited-edition bindings.

The graphic featured on the bindings comes from a painting titled The Fourth Phase by Bryan Iguchi, who in addition to painting has been a well-respected face in snowboarding for over 20 years. The original work is acrylic and resin on wood and measures 5 x 4 feet, but every brushstroke has been scaled down and translated onto a pair of high-performing Union snowboard bindings that feature a streamlined strap system and come with a case that doubles as a beer cooler. They’re burly enough for any mountain and pretty enough to hang on your wall. Move fast, though: there are only 100 pairs available.

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