10 Can’t Miss Stories from This Week

Minimalist watches, women who ride bikes and much more.

Sung Han

We all get busy, locked in our routine of daily processes, and we forget to lift up our heads and look around a bit. In short: we miss things. It’s okay. As the great French writer André Gide wrote, “Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again.” Or, republished. Here’s a recap of the best stories you may have missed this week.

10 Great Minimalist Watches


A well-executed minimalist watch is an artful accent, rather than a flashy main course.

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The Perfect City Formal Look

Chase Pellerin

Formal doesn’t mean ornate — or restricting.

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Men


Let us make all your shopping a breeze.

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This New Lexus Coupe Pisses Off Honda Drivers, Is a Unicorn


So original and impressive in design execution that it automatically rises to the top of the heap.

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Easy, Indulgent, Weeknight Pasta for a Near-Empty Fridge

Peden + Munk

A lesson in empty-fridge cooking (that tastes like anything but a last resort).

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Leaked: This Is the Samsung Galaxy S8

Evan Blass

Probably not the start that Samsung wanted…

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Inside the World of Women’s Elite Cycling

hi matt

Cycling season is back. Here’s some motivation.

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The Man Making New Rolexes Old Again

Henry Phillips

Jeremy Davis defaces modern Rolexes. People love it.

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Meet the Holy Grail of Retro Gaming Consoles

Chase Pellerin

Who cares about price? (Rhetorical question.)

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The Most Insane Jeep Wrangler Money Can Buy

duPont Registry

It’s packing a lot more than just a lift kit and a matte black paint job.

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