The Ultimate Gift Guide for Men

Let us make all your shopping a breeze.


You don’t need a Hallmark holiday to give a gift — the best gifts are typically the ad hoc surprises, the little thank-you’s that he never saw coming. To help you with year-round magnanimity, we compiled our best guides, each catered to a different aspect of his personality. Enjoy living generously.

17 Perfect Gifts for the Globe Trotter


Always on the move, the Globe Trotter spends more time on the jetway than the freeway, measuring time in stamped passport pages. Whether work has him criss-crossing continents or the magnetism of wanderlust propels his journeys, products of the sedentary life are more of an afterthought for the Globe Trotter. Instead, durable and lightweight luggage, stylish and comfortable clothing, portable and functional conveniences appeal to the traveling man. To make your shopping easier, we curated a list of items that will be welcome on any intercontinental trip.

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17 Perfect Gifts for the Athlete


Trying to find a gift for a fitness buff is a pro-level competition in itself. He already knows what gear the pros are using, what works out on the field and court, and what gets benched for the season. Training never stops, improvement never plateaus — so the Athlete will always pine for the latest and greatest shoes, shorts, gadgets or whatever gives him a competitive edge. Anything less than what’s at the forefront of any given sport doesn’t make the cut. If you’re in need of coaching, take a look at our draft picks.

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17 Perfect Gifts for the Chef


A food-focused gift isn’t unwrapped once. The value of an innovative cookbook, or quality cookware, reveals itself slowly, with each recipe tested, each dish prepared. The chef in your life knows this, and values repeated practice and iterative experimentation. To help him along, we’ve gathered top-tier ingredients and upgraded kitchen tools that encourage better cooking at home, as well as dinnerware and utensils for an elevated dining experience. Here’s hoping that you’ll reap some of the benefits, too.

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17 Perfect Gifts for the Outdoorsman


The outdoorsman can be a difficult man to shop for. Because he spends all of his free time in the great outdoors (naturally), he needs durable goods that won’t give up on him the moment he needs them most. But don’t lose sight of aspirational gear — the stuff that fuels his daydreams when he’s stuck at the office. To help you pick the perfect gift, we curated a list of 17 items sure to please even the most discerning outdoorsman.

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17 Perfect Gifts for the Techie


People take the evolution of tech too far. Today’s best immersive gaming systems, hi-fi studio headphones, OLED 4K TVs or high-resolution camera setups won’t be, in six months time, made obsolete by “the next big thing.” In reality, a great tech product can — and does — endure. While new specs and iterations will continue to grab headlines, but a wise investment soldiers on for years of good use. In this spirit, shopping for techies isn’t difficult. Focus on quality, longevity, and practicality, and the great products will last — as will the memory of your generosity.

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17 Perfect Gifts for the DIYer


It’s quite possible that the DIYer has done you a solid in the past — helped you erect that backyard gazebo or fix your car. He’ll say he’s happy to do it, that the work itself is reward enough. Still, a solid thanks might be in order. Logic would dictate the DIYer is far more interested in making and fixing things than buying new products, but gear that helps him attack projects with greater efficiency is always appreciated, be it as lofty as a new power tool or as simple as the right duds to wear while getting the job done.

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17 Perfect Gifts for the Dapper Man


The dapper man can be nothing short of a headache. He makes his opinions on Italian tailoring well known; he has a closet devoted to mid-weight coats; he owns jeans made from every single Japanese mill; he compares the patina of leather to a fine Bordeaux. This man appreciates quality of material and handsome construction, but that’s also the difficulty of purchasing him a gift. Those timeless, well-made pieces will definitely be a hit, but how to find them? To alleviate the guesswork, we put together a list of gifts that will make any stylish man happy, no matter his depth of wardrobe.

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17 Perfect Gifts for the Adventurer


The adventurer is always planning his next escape. He’s sketched out plans for the ultimate road trip, priced out the ultimate adventure van, and has an ongoing map highlighting the places that he hopes to go. He’s particular about the gear he uses and spends as much time thinking about piecing together the ultimate adventure kit as he does his personal life. It can be tough to shop for the adventurer, but we’ve taken the sting out of the shopping experience and curated 17 items that are sure to get his wanderlust up.

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17 Perfect Gifts for the Mixologist


The mixologist is someone to treasure in life. Whether they’re merely the confidant you turn to for great conversation while taking the edge off, or the life of the party, your glass no doubt benefits from their generosity. From useful tools and accessories to spirits not found on your typical bar shelf, these are the gifts to surprise the man who already knows his way around the liquor store. Or, at the very least, impress him.

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17 Perfect Gifts for the Driver


A driver’s passion is fueled by the balance of sensible utilitarianism with a stylish aesthetic. In the driver’s eyes, over-engineered high-performance machines, minimalist accouterments, and eye-watering beautiful art all deserve equal attention and appreciation. The products that populate the driver’s world must function perfectly — no small feat — but also make life more beautiful, more comfortable, more pleasant. Since the list of possible driver-oriented gifts is as long as the Autobahn is fast, we narrowed the choices down for you to select few — a winner’s circle, if you will.

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17 Perfect Gifts for the Mediaphile


A phone is a phone, a laptop a laptop, a speaker a speaker. Sure. If that’s your approach, log your own mental 404 error. Every mediaphile knows better. So while shopping for such an opinionated discerning person can be tedious, the beautiful thing is that no matter what they obsess over — be it film, vinyl or video games — there will always be something new. As long as you know what your mediaphile is into, rest assured that there’s something damn cool for you to get them.

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17 Perfect Gifts for the Designer


The designer knows that looks and utility are not mutually exclusive, and that value depends not just on price but quality. The designer knows that devils are in the details, and he knows that a good product makes life easier and more organized. The designer surrounds himself with things that inspire him, be they iconic designs or the latest and greatest innovation. That’s all to say that the designer can be difficult to shop for. Fortunately for you, we’ve done the heavy lifting.
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