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Sorry, Your Vegan Shoes Aren't Sustainable... At All. Here's Why.

The Gear Patrol Podcast Episode Twelve – Listen Now

Gear Patrol

The Gear Patrol Podcast is our weekly roundtable discussion focused on products, their stories, and the culture surrounding them.

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In this episode, Senior Staff Writer Tanner Bowden, who covers outdoors and fitness products for Gear Patrol, discusses vegan shoes. Tanner has written in depth about why vegan shoes cannot be considered even close to sustainable–even though they're very much marketed as such using a deceptive practice called "Greenwashing."

Tanner discusses how environmentally conscious consumers can recognize dubious marketing and avoid getting duped. He also talks us through new leather alternatives that are actually sustainable, and suggests several specific products and practices to consider when you're looking for your next responsible shoe purchase.

Show Notes:

Episode Navigation:

  • 01:15 – Vegan Shoes ≠ Sustainable Products
  • 03:03 – Vegan Shoes, Plastic, and Harmful Chemicals
  • 06:55 – Olukai's Statement About Vegan Shoes and Sustainability
  • 09:35 – Why Patagonia is a Sustainability Champion
  • 12:21 – Patagonia Wild Idea Work Boots
  • 15:45 – Mushroom Leather and Other Sustainable Alternatives
  • 20:10 – Tips For Finding (Actually) Sustainable Products
  • 23:40 – Why You Should Look for "Climate Neutral" Certification
  • 25:43 – Adidas and Allbirds Collaboration
  • 28:20 – Your Best Bet Is to Buy Used Gear, and Where To Do It


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    The Gear Patrol Podcast is our weekly roundtable discussion focused on products, their stories, and the culture surrounding them.

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