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Staff Picks: Our Grail-Status Favorite Products

It’s no secret we love products, but for each of us, one stands tall above the rest.


Our team has strong connections to products and a wide variety of opinions on…pretty much everything. But even for each of us, there is one product pursuit that stands above the rest. The following is a compilation of our own personal Grail items that, perhaps in our wildest dreams, we might procure one day in the hopes that it could be passed along to future generations. Heirloom-level products; products that mean something special; whether because they exhibit a bit of our past or our present, our ideal aesthetic or the way we wish to be remembered.

Eric Trine Rod+Weave Chair


A living room isn’t complete without a good chair — something that commands attention on its own and is wide enough to comfortably curl up in. Eric Trine’s Rod+Weave chair is just that. The matte black frame and vegetable tanned leather combination is perfectly understated, reflective of today’s airy California Modern style of design. And just imagine how good that patina will be after a few decades of use… — Emily Singer, Associate Staff Writer

Buy Now: $1,225

Samsung 49-Inch CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor


It’s the biggest gaming monitor Samsung has every made, and I can’t find a bigger one made by anybody else, either. At 49 inches, it’s over twice the size of my current iMac — I could comfortably view six windows simultaneously. But it’s not just size. There’s also the stunning double full HD display, HDR support, a super fast 1-millisecond response time and a 144Hz screen refresh rate — I guarantee this would improve my life in a way that a non-beer diet and exercised-filled lifestyle ever could. — Tucker Bowe, Associate Staff Writer

Buy Now: $1,500

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Echo II Ultralight Shelter


This is the lightest shelter I can buy for backpacking that still gives me the protection I need against the elements. It is the holy grail of backpacking shelters — waterproof and durable, it’s everything you need and nothing you don’t. Handmade in the state of Maine, HMG’s gear is no joke, and only for those who are serious about exploring the backcountry with as little weight on their back as possible, in order to cover maximum ground (and maximum fun). A shelter to sleep under has been a necessary item for being outside since the stone age, and I don’t see that changing much in the future. This is the kind of thing that could be used for generations, since it is easily repairable and made of high quality cuben fiber. — Jeremy Fischer, Editorial Intern

Buy Now: $700

Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere-Trimmed Shearling Bomber Jacket


A leather jacket is one of those clothing items that just gets better as the decades pass. From biker jackets to bombers, there’s a leather jacket for everyone. This bomber jacket from Brunello Cucinelli is made from beautiful shearling, and trimmed with cashmere ribbing. It’s a luxury take on the classic style, something you can appreciate no matter your profession or age. The quality shearling will age gracefully, and develop a patina that is a log of every passed season. — John Zientek, Style Writer

Buy Now: $6,595

Mad River Canoe Explorer FGX


Canoeing was my introduction to the mere idea of an expedition. One week of every summer in my early teens was spent paddling over and portaging between the lakes of the Adirondacks. The lessons learned there — what tangible silence sounds like early in the morning when the water is flat, what honest pain feels like halfway through a seemingly-endless portage — have been relevant in all the years since. The fiberglass hull, webbed seats and ash yoke are what the canoe is. But what the canoe means is an introduction to wilderness, which, above the vessel itself, will always be worthy of passing on. — Tanner Bowden, Editorial Apprentice

Buy Now: $1,949+

Nomos Aqua Collection Ahoi Datum


I love men’s watches. I’ve bought a few over the years, but none have lasted, due to changing tastes or wear and tear. I see a grail as a reward for achieving a certain goal, and dropping over $4K on a watch would necessitate an occasion or achievement grand enough to gift myself (or be gifted…ahem…) with something this gorgeous. And it’s something I’d love to pass down. I hate sweaty wrists probably as much as I love men’s watches — both things I imagine I’ll pass down to my future kids. So, whichever one would inherit this watch and its breathable strap would be very lucky (and would probably be my favorite). — Caitlyn Shaw, Social Media Coordinator

Buy Now: $4,660

Isle of Arran Personal Cask of Whiskey


Being a car guy and a motoring writer at Gear Patrol, the first thought that popped into my head when asked “what’s your grail?” was an original Shelby 427 Cobra — no question. But to pass that down as an heirloom? Cars do not get better with age, especially if they’re driven to hell and back (which I would do). That’s where a barrel of whiskey trumps all. The longer you wait, the better it gets and even if you keep tapping into it at a steady pace it’ll still take a few years to polish off. That’s why you buy it as a day-one birthday gift for your son or daughter and then fill a bottle for their 21st. And maybe sneak one or two for yourself at the 10- and 15-year marks — you know, just to make sure it’s aging well. — Bryan Campbell, Staff Writer

Learn More: Here

Browning Citori 725 Sporting Golden Clays


High-quality shotguns can easily stretch for generations of use, making them outstanding hand-me-downs for hunters and recreational shooters. Browning’s beautifully crafted shotguns are the cream of the crop, appreciated as much for their intricate engraving as their precision, low weight, and comfort in the field. This Sporting Golden Clays 12-gauge over/under model, made in Japan and optimized for shooting clay targets, has a high-grade polished-walnut stock, an adjustable comb for a comfortable fit against your cheek, and a smooth, reliable action. It’s a gorgeous firearm great for both hunting trips and weekend target shooting outings — and do we really need to remind you about zombies? Your heirs will thank you. — Eric Adams, Contributor

Buy Now: $5,350

Mazda MX-5 RF


My hand-me-down high school car wasn’t anything particularly special (that’s not to say I didn’t love the shit out of it), but I do love the idea of one day tossing my son or daughter the keys to something as rad as the infallible MX-5. There are faster, more expensive cars, but while they’ll likely depreciate and break down as they age, the enduring simplicity of the MX-5 will allow it to live on. (I also believe the RF’s badass targa roof will make it a future classic.) Hopefully, I can pass on the dying art of mastering the manual transmission, too. — Andrew Connor, Associate Staff Writer

Buy Now: $31,555+

Bloodroot Blades 8″ Chef’s Knife


Each Bloodroot Blade is handcrafted by Luke Snyder and David Van Wyk in their Georgia workshop. While the handcrafted steel blades are the focal point of each knife, Snyder and Van Wyk put equal amounts of craftsmanship and innovation into the handles. In the past, they’ve worked on custom projects, creating handles out of family heirlooms injected with resin and then refined. While the investment may seem large now, it’s a grail that will last long past your lifetime. — AJ Powell, Assistant Editor

Buy Now: $800+

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