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How Personal Stories and Collaborations Inspire Burial Beer’s Craft Brews

The Gear Patrol Podcast Episode Twenty-Five – Listen Now

Gear Patrol

The Gear Patrol Podcast is our weekly roundtable discussion focused on products, their stories, and the culture surrounding them.

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In this episode, we're joined by Burial Beer Founder and COO Doug Reiser, and Burial's Head Brewer, Alia Midoun, to learn about how Burial makes new beers. Not the physical brewing of beer, but the creative process of inventing an all-new beer recipe. Where does the initial inspiration come from? What factors are there to consider?

Doug and Alia talk about team collaboration, the craft beer boom that propelled Burial to success, and the concepts and stories (including a dead fish) that go into developing a new product. We also discuss the beer that Gear Patrol collaborated with Burial to make: it's an all-new lager called Pursuit.

Show Notes:


  • 01:20 – How Does Burial Design a New Beer?
  • 11:02 – How Alia Midoun's Latest Beer Came to Be
  • 15:30 – How the Burial Team Decides What Works and What Doesn't
  • 19:45 – Choosing Other Elements of a New Beer Recipe
  • 22:45 – How Different Burial Staff Members Approach Beer
  • 22:30 – How did Burial Navigate the Craft Beer Boom?
  • 29:05 – How Alia Used the Craft Beer Boom to Inform Her Work
  • 32:10 – Breaking Down the Burial x Gear Patrol Beer: "Pursuit" Lager
  • 43:10 – Doug and Alia Recommend Their Favorite Burial Beers


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        The Gear Patrol Podcast is our weekly roundtable discussion focused on products, their stories, and the culture surrounding them.

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