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Think Great Coffee Costs Too Much? It's About to Get Way Worse

Have we passed the "EV inflection point?" Will the coffee bean crisis kill your caffeine supply? Who is Netflix Games made for?

gera patrol podcast ep 47
Gear Patrol

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A new report from Ford says that most customers buying its new electric Lighting F-150 will be first-time EV buyers–we'll discuss whether or not we've reached the EV inflection point. Then, Martian ketchup and the urgent need for a more resilient coffee bean variety... did you know that your favorite drinkable drug is in danger and that Heinz is prepping for space-based farming? Then, Netflix Games comes to mobile Apple devices. What is Netflix Games, and will real gamers be interested in the service? Lastly, we each share products on our individual radars at the moment.

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03:06 – Ford F-150 Lightning: Are We Long-Last at an "EV Inflection Point"?

17:13 – The Coffee Bean Crisis: Why Cups of Joe Could Cost $20 Soon

37:08 – Netflix Games: Will Hardcore Gamers Go For It?

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