This New Jack Daniel's Whiskey Should Come with a Fire Extinguisher

Gear Patrol does not recommend lighting a match around Jack Daniel's Coy Hill High Proof.


High proof whiskey has grown in popularity in recent years, and distillers have responded by releasing countless juiced-up bottles year after year. Suffice to say, Jack Daniel's Coy Hill High Proof is a little different. Hitting shelves throughout November, the 2021 limited offering is a single barrel and barrel proof expression that, depending on the bottle you pick up, could be up to 148 proof. One hundred and forty-eight. 148.

Not every bottle will be that much of a fire hazard, though; the brand says bottles range from a measly 137 to a sky-high 148 proof.

Some perspective: there isn't an exact proof at which whiskey becomes high proof, but north of 110 is as good a mark as any. Most barrel proof offerings land between 115 and 130, with more extreme expressions tipping the scales just above that. Thus, a whiskey that weighs in at 148 proof pushes the boundaries of taste and tradition.

The new Jack Daniel's whiskey is only a few proof points shy of Bacardi 151, which means it's also just a touch under Everclear's low-proof offering. To be clear, the legal limit for bourbon whiskey, set by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, is 160 proof in the bottle (bourbon whiskey and Tennessee whisky are legally the same thing). By some distance, it is the highest proof whiskey the brand has ever released.

Jack Daniel's has succeeded in the high proof whiskey game before, though; its Single Barrel Barrel Proof expression remains one of the most flavorful and underrated bottles of brown you can buy. Bottles are rolling out to liquor stores now and come with a $70 suggested retail price. Drink with care.

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