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CLIP, Terminator 2 and Magic Resin: the Future of 3D Printing Is Here

Continuous Liquid Interface Production is the next generation of 3D printing, and is equal parts SciFi and magic.

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A Silicon Valley startup called Carbon has introduced the next 3D printing evolution with tech called continuous liquid interface production, or CLIP. The process utilizes a UV-light ray curable liquid and a semi-permeable glass membrane to very quickly form solid objects. This method of 3D printing is hugely fast and produces vastly superior end products: instead of printing rough shapes layer by layer over many hours, CLIP structures are pulled from shallow vats of resin almost like magic.

A profile on Carbon and Joseph DeSimone, the genius behind CLIP technology, appears in the latest issue of Gear Patrol Magazine, Issue 17: the Winter Preview. Former Gear Patrol Senior Staff Writer and current Managing Editor of Field Mag, Tanner Bowden, authored the story and joins today to talk about Carbon, CLIP, and the future implications of better 3D printing.

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