Mailbag: In Defense of the Original Shishito Pepper

You’re fiercely loyal to spicy peppers.


Welcome to Mailbag, a roundup of the best comments, questions and tips from you, our readers, put together by Gear Patrol’s Social Media team. Some are nice, some are not so nice. But here they are.

A Non-Spicy Habanero

Coming for the Shishito

Our Eats team wrote about a new kind of pepper that’s gunning for the shishito pepper’s throne. Some expressed fierce loyalty to the shishito.


Others gave hilarious interpretations of this new pepper on the block.


Cargo Pants Are Cool

Are They?

Our Style team considered this pair of cargo pants from Beams Plus stylish. Many of you disagreed.


Weigh in with your thoughts here.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

It’s a Riot

We reviewed the beautiful, powerful Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. Here’s what some of our Instagram followers thought.

@pieguard: Launch it
@mattpdyer: insane
@powerfuljmg: @zirbmaa picture your exhaust on this bad boy. Sheeeeesh
@the_slaminator: @freddy_got_kruegered god damn
@thierry.ulbrich ?
@tmisterrboyd @langdonmj maybe I just get this instead of an Altitude today.
@trinisaurusrex: @jatorr7 upgrade!
@bahansen02: @langdonmj your next whip!
@langdonmj: @bahansen02 some day

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