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Can a Non-Spicy Habanero Dethrone the Shishito Pepper?

The tangy sweetness of a habanero, minus the heat.


The shishito pepper has become a staple on bar and restaurants menus in recent years, promising a game of spice roulette and easy snackability. Brooklyn-based Ark Foods is largely responsible for the shishito’s rise to prominence, and now, thanks to some strategic cross-pollination, the specialty produce propagator has unveiled its newest novelty pepper, the Honey Zepper.

As first covered by Bon Appetit, the Honey Zepper is a cross between a rare heatless habanero and its traditional, spice-wallopping counterpart. The result is a pepper that’s mild, aromatic and slightly tangy, dialing up the flavor of the chili pepper while eliminating the heat. Previously available only at select farm-to-table restaurants, the Honey Zepper is now being distributed via FreshDirect and in Whole Foods stores nationwide.

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