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Staff Picks: Geneva Auduong, Campaign Manager

Apple TV, a Longchamp wallet and more.


Editor’s Note: As a collective, the Gear Patrol staff is a wealth of knowledge about products — everyone is an expert in his or her own right. Of course, every story we publish is a testament to that. In our personal lives, we pursue our product passion too. This series is our way of showcasing and sharing our insights on products we inpidually endorse and love and own. Our hope is that you enjoy it all — and perhaps discover something new as you meet our staff over the next few weeks.

I don’t need much in life, but the things I choose to own add value and bring me joy. Simple, yet a little indulgent.

SodaStream Power Metal Sparkling Water Maker

If you’re like me, staying well hydrated can be a chore, but adding bubbles somehow makes it way easier. I’ve given serious thought to getting a second one for my desk.

Buy Now: $100

Global 10-Piece Knife Block Set

I got this set after a sweet potato incident sent me to urgent care. Even though my knife skills still leave a lot to be desired, these knives make me a little less nervous around produce.

Buy Now: $700

Apple TV

I don’t have cable, so Apple TV — in addition to my parents’ Verizon login — allows me to watch my Netflix shows, keep up with the news and contribute to my Bravolebrities group chat.

Buy Now: $149

Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst-Quenching Serum

Applying serum before moisturizing is a crucial step and Caudalie’s SOS serum is among the best out there. It’s lightweight and leaves your skin soft, dewy and not at all sticky.

Buy Now: $49

Master & Dynamic MW50 Headphones

I have TMJ, so I usually opt for earbuds, but these headphones (miraculously) don’t make my jaw sore. Plus, they’re sleek enough that I don’t feel like I’m DJing the 3 a.m. set at House of Yes.

Buy Now: $449

Glossier Boy Brow

I’m obsessed with everything Glossier makes and Boy Brow is a must-have. I’d describe my makeup routine as slapdash at best — a few swipes and I’m good to go.

Buy Now: $16

Longchamp Le Foulonné Wallet

I can be a bit of a tomboy, so it’s no surprise that I picked my wallet from the men’s section. It’s compact enough that it holds all my cards and still fits in my pocket when I don’t feel like lugging a purse around.

Buy Now: $165

Trader Joe’s Fresh Flowers

Plants (and puppies) make people happy. A bouquet is always the first thing I add to my cart during my weekly pilgrimage to TJ’s; it helps breathe a little more life into my apartment.

Buy Now: $4


If I’m being honest, I’d actually consider my nine-month-old puppy, Juniper, as my grail item. Even though she can be an enormous pain in the ass, she’s perfect.

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The Grail

Amagansett Beach House

South of the highway, obviously.

Learn More: Here

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