If You Like Reading Gear Patrol on Facebook, Here’s What You Need to Do

Starting today Facebook is changing how its news feed works.


I bet most of you remember very distinctly the onset of Zuckerberg’s social media juggernaut, Facebook. It was simpler back then: just basic profiles and status updates. Since those halcyon days, Facebook has evolved rapidly, adding features one after another. (And now all my college mates and Aunts/neighbors/exes carry my digital life in their pockets, retrievable on a whim.)

Today, the news feed is changing once more under the rationale of ensuring “posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions” are seen most often. It’s likely this move will also serve to reduce the influence of what we’ve all come to know as “fake news” in the Facebook community, which numbers in the billions of users. Specifically, Facebook is changing which posts automatically populate your news feed; namely, it will massively prioritize posts from your family and friends, and deprioritize publishers you follow, bringing back the “social” element of social media. It also means that Gear Patrol and similar outlets will not show up as much, if at all.

Integrity is and always will be a core tenet of Gear Patrol, and it extends to every word we publish online and in print. If you like seeing, liking, sharing and commenting on our content via Facebook, which makes it very easy to do so, and would like to continue to, follow this quick, two-step process:


Step 1: Follow us (if you aren’t already).

Step 2: On Gear Patrol’s Facebook page hit the “Following” button and select “See First” to see our stories on the top of your News Feed.


Boom. That’s it. You’ll continue to see our stories, whether on the newest and smartest tech releases, watchmaking innovations, new booze releases and the most badass of overlanders. If you’d like to be notified when we publish content, you can also opt-in to receive notifications.

Our pledge to you is that we’ll continue to surface only the best, most relevant and most pressing stories about the products you love (and those you don’t love yet). See you on Facebook.

Make the Change: Here

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