10 Things You Need to Know This Week

Essential knowledge to start your week, from Gear Patrol and beyond.

Eric Adams

We write a lot. We read a lot. But much of what we discover, internally debate, or see in our inboxes has traditionally not made it out of our many behind the scenes Slack channels… until now.

From Gear Patrol

Husqvarna’s Gorgeous New Lightweight Motorcycles Have Arrived — A brand typically associated with chainsaws, snow blowers, and lawn tractors is branching out.

The 50 Best Boots for Men — While shoes are busy arguing semantics in a boardroom, boots are out in the garage welding shit.

These 11 Military-Issued Items Are Also Available to Civilians — The most advanced tech pieces in the outdoor industry tend to start as products developed for the military and then trickle down to civilians.

After 70 Years, Fender Released Effects Pedals. They’re Awesome. –The title explains it all.

I Badly Want to Ditch My iPhone For the New Nokia Banana Phone — “Is this the bare-bones phone of my dreams? Not really. Is it dope as hell and an appropriately fun modern throwback? Damn right. Will I actually ever kick my iPhone habit? I don’t want to talk about it.”

And Beyond

• The obsessive’s guide to making sandwiches, via Bon Appetit.

• The new BMW M5 looks pretty nice, according to Carscoops. Review to come.

This canoe is probably the most gorgeous canoe ever made, via Designboom.

• The winning photo of a drone photography contest wasn’t taken from a drone, via DP Review.

• Levi’s is using lasers to break in its jeans, via Quartz.

Pro-Tip of Week

Here’s how to get rid of Google search suggestions in Chrome. Thank us later.

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