Power and Aesthetics by Way of a Pocket Flashlight

The Urban EDC Supply Tain Aurora Flashlight boasts plenty of power and style for a pocket-size flashlight that can be a pivotal part of your every day carry.


The rationale behind any piece of gear you carry with you every day should be diversity, reliability and function. All of that thought and care has gone into Urban EDC Supply’s Tain Aurora Flashlight, making it an ideal pocket-size EDC light.

A beefy brass light engine, that kicks out from 5 lumens up to 90 lumens, makes it diverse enough for most every day lighting needs. And a Nichia 219B 4000K High-CRI emitter gives a warmer, more realistic light output. The titanium body features signature knurling, adding an aesthetical complement to the sleek look. At a diameter measuring less than that of a penny, the Tain Aurora is likely to surprise alongside other flashlights its size.

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