Is This Tiny EDC Flashlight Too Small?

A company called Malboro and Kane just claimed to have created the smallest EDC flashlight ever, but is the light too tiny?


There’s an urge among both the outdoor and EDC crowds that smaller and lighter is always better. But is it? When does an item that’s supposed to be practical enough for everyday use become too small? A company called Malboro and Kane is pushing the limits of the question. It recently released what it claimed to be the smallest multi-tool available, and now it’s back with an EDC flashlight that boasts the same.

The new light is called Sub, and it’s currently earning funding on Kickstarter (it’s already surpassed its $3,288 goal). The Sub, which is roughly the size of a marble, is affordable at $20 but is made of space-grade aluminum and has a battery life that should last one year. The Sub emits 30 lumens of light, which is significantly less than the typical EDC flashlight, which typically counts its lumens in the hundreds and sometimes thousands. Even in some of the videos displayed on Kickstarter, the Sub doesn’t appear to pack enough power to come in handy in any but the most detail-oriented situations.

For some, that might not matter. The Sub is cheap, and it truly is small enough to go unnoticed on a keychain — or as an admittedly very handsome zipper pull. Even a tiny light is always better than no light at all. But still, is the Sub brighter than the built-in flashlight of the smartphone that’s already in your pocket? Those aren’t assigned lumen counts (many estimate the number to be roughly 50), but even from the brand’s own videos, it doesn’t appear to be the case.

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