This Compact Meal Prep Bag Can Make Your Day Easier

The Cube from Six Pack Fitness is a compact meal prep bag that keeps all three food containers organized and fresh all day long.


The concept of meal prepping can seem daunting at times. Having to get all of your food for the day (and sometimes the week) ready before leaving the house demands organization. To keep everything in order, it’s crucial to remove as much hassle as possible from the equation.

The Cube from Six Pack Fitness offers an ideal solution for those getting into meal prep. It comes with three leak-proof containers and two freezer packs to keep all of your food fresh for eight hours. The bag features a shelving system to keep everything organized in the insulated modular core and the addition of a grab handle and thin shoulder strap makes the bag incredibly comfortable. This ultra-compact meal prep bag for a budget price is a good place to start for meal prep beginners.

Use the code GEARPATROL to save 15-percent on The Cube.

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