These New Travel Bags Are Designed to Fit Your Every Need

Heimplanet has launched its Transit Line made up of three sustainably-made packs that can transition between every facet of life.

Felix Gaensicke

Heimplanet first made its mark in 2011 when it launched The Cave, an inflatable tent based on the crystalline structure of a diamond. The brand’s latest endeavor is born out of the fluidity of life between travel, work and play, aiming to create a line of bags that can transition between all three facets.

The Transit Line is made up of three bags: the Sling Pocket, the Rolltop Messenger and the Travel Pack. The outer shell of each bag is made from ultra-durable DYECO, a sustainable material Heimplanet developed specifically for this line that uses two different dope-dyed yarns intertwined into an irregular ballistic weave. The result is a line of bags focused on organization that doesn’t sacrifice on style and will fit your lifestyle — whether you need a large travel bag for weekend getaways, a rolltop messenger bag for daily carry in the city or a minimalist bag to carry nothing but the essentials.

Pre-order through the Transit Line Kickstarter campaign and get up to 35-percent off.

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