The Original PolarFleece Is Back Just in Time for Fall

Polartec has revived its original PolarFleece in the Andover Pullover that is fully customizable and made from upcycled plastic bottles.


Back in 1981, a small upholstery mill invented a new kind of fabric and called it PolarFleece. Snow and outdoor brands took notice. Warm, soft, breathable, and often imitated, an icon was born. It’s a classic look that began as a humble pullover. And that mill? It became Polartec.

Fast forward to today. PolarFleece has returned by paying homage to the original style with the custom, made-to-order Andover Pullover. Cut and sewn in New England for that warm, homegrown feeling, PolarFleece uses Polartec Classic 200 Series Fleece made from 100% upcycled plastic bottles. With advanced thermal regulation, increased range of motion, and endless color combination possibilities, this modern update is no ’80s relic.

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