This Palm-Sized Home Robot Is a Smart Gift for the Holidays

Anki’s new home robot Vector is palm-sized with a big personality and could make for the ideal smart gift these holidays.


When it comes to technology, one key sector to keep an eye on is robotics. In the near future, home robots, in particular, might amplify what advances have been achieved to date with smartphone technology and bring these capabilities to new levels. Which is just what Anki’s Vector aims to do.

Vector is a palm-sized home robot that packs a Qualcomm processor, an ultra-wide HD camera, a beamforming microphone array, drop sensors, an infrared laser scanner, touch sensors and a high-resolution color IPS display. These, plus its cloud connectivity, allow him to read a room, hear what’s happening, recognize people and objects, find his charger, navigate his space and avoid obstacles. Vector’s most exciting aspect is his curious, eager personality — he’s more like a helpful companion than a robot. With an update at the end of this year that will integrate Amazon’s Alexa, Vector is a smart gift for the holidays that can hang out and help out in the home.

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