These Air Diffusers are the Better Way to Keep Your Car Fresh

Xeno Air Diffusers are the premium option to replace air fresheners in every automobile by providing a luxury aromatherapy experience.


Air fresheners are a necessity for nearly every automobile. But having a cardboard pine tree hanging from your rearview mirror is not the best look. For a premium option for a better smelling car, Xeno Luxury Air Diffusers are a go-to.

Sporting minimalistic design, the circular pod attaches to air vents with a magnetic clip. It comes in four different styles and with three fragrances. And instead of a regular old air freshener that eventually gets thrown out, you get an elevated aromatherapy experience in your vehicle leaving your car smelling good and looking good, too. Gear Patrol readers can receive 35 percent off when you use the code GP35 at checkout.

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