These Stylish Lounge Pants are a Staple for Holiday Vacations

The Camo Jacquard Slim Pants from Life After Denim offer a modern take on lounge pants that are a great option for holiday vacations.


With the holiday vacation season nearly here, it’s important to have your lounge wardrobe dialed-in. An elevated pair of lounge pants should certainly be in your rotation these coming weeks. And the Camo Jacquard Slim Pants from Life After Denim offer a different take on loungers.

Made from 100 percent Japanese cotton jacquard, they feature an elasticized waist with drawcord. The jacquard uses variegated stitching to elevate the pattern, giving the camo pattern a rich texture and depth. The pants also have a tapered ankle for a modern fit. Comfy and stylish, these lounge pants might be difficult to take off over the holidays.

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