Not All Winter Jackets Make You Look Like a Marshmallow

The Axeman Jacket from Roark Revival achieves superior warmth without sacrificing style with flannel lining and a nylon water-repellent shell.


With the colder months beginning to settle in, having a jacket that can withstand the elements while still offering up a stylish look is a top priority. Roark Revival’s Axeman Jacket is designed to go from trail to bar without missing a beat.

This elevated field coat is lined with a buffalo check flannel and has a 100 percent nylon water-repellent shell to defy both cold days and fairweather trends — the unique copper-colored clasps and Sherpa collar of the Axeman standout in any barren landscape. And the Sherpa-lined pockets ensure warmth for your hands at all times. The Axeman achieves superior warmth without sacrificing style.

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