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The Best Stuff Our Staff Has Bought For Under $25

Sometimes the most useful things in our lives are also among the cheapest.

Chase Pellerin

Earlier this week we asked a simple question: what is the best thing you’ve ever bought for under $25. The responses, both in terms of quality and number, have been inspiring. So much so that we decided to have some of our staffers chime in with their answers to the same question. Scroll through and see for yourself what you can get for less than a Jackson and a Lincoln.

Mobius + Ruppert Pencil Sharpener


It’s a reminder that it’s possible to make a great thing for not a lot of money. The M+R sharpener is heavy — all brass and steel — and does not feel like it’s falling apart any time soon. It also serves as a reminder to slow down during the day, even if it’s just taking 30 seconds to whittle at a pencil. — Will Price, Staff Writer

Buy Now: $12

Opinel No. 9 Folding Pocket Knife


The knife has a simple, clever design and solid build that make it a recognized classic. It makes me feel just that much closer to being at a French picnic. — Zen Love, Staff Writer

Buy Now: $15

Period Correct x Hot Wheels Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16


This rad Hot Wheels “Collectors” car is a limited edition collaboration with the racing-inspired brand Period Correct. It’s a Benz 190E 2.5-16 and features a unique PC livery and even a California license plate that says “CORRECT.” They were made in a run of only 750 units and sold out online in less than 2 minutes. The original MSRP was $20, but in the resale market, these things go from $130 to $250. That doesn’t matter though, I’ll never sell it! — Hunter D. Kelley, Associate Designer

Learn More: Here

Rhodia Top Wirebound Notepad


This notebook is a blank canvas, yet has two essential elements of a truly great workweek planner: a dot-grid interior (which allows the ability to organize days into grids by drawing my own lines), and a spiral binding (no propping pages open with a heavy object).– Caitlyn Shaw, Consumer Marketing Manager

Buy Now: $8

Pulltap’s Original Waiter’s Corkscrew


It does a simple job incredibly well. Aside from a couple of really fringe-y cases, there is simply no better tool for the job than the $8 Pulltap’s. — Henry Phillips, Deputy Photography Editor

Buy Now: $8

Casio World Timer


It’s a tough digital watch I don’t mind losing or busting up too bad. Not to mention it’s multi-function timepiece with the world map and a time zone tracker. — Bryan Campbell, Staff Writer

Buy Now: $20

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