Oris is Helping the Globe’s Oceans One Watch at a Time

It’s hard to think of a connection between beautiful watches and cleanup efforts to keep our oceans clean, but Oris’ Ocean Trilogy brings them together.


It can be hard to think there is a connection between beautiful timepieces and efforts to keep our oceans clean. But Oris has brought the two together with the limited edition Oris Ocean Trilogy set, complete with a display case made of recycled plastic that’s been collected from the ocean. Limited to only 200, each box includes three of the Swiss watchmaker’s diver watches that are part of the company’s mission to bring change for the better, to the world’s oceans. Two of the watches in the set are the Oris Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III and the Clean Ocean Limited Edition, which have been made in partnership with the Reef Restoration Foundation and Pacific Garbage Screening. The third timepiece available exclusively in the set is the Blue Whale Limited Edition — the first Aquis chronograph with a three, six and nine dial layout — which is focused on protecting the world’s largest animal. Three great watches, helping keep our oceans clean.

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