The Best Fitting Shirt You Should Have in Your Closet

With serious quality construction, Enro shirts have ensured a made-to-measure fit without the measuring for 100 years.


Enro has been making top of the line dress shirts for 100 years. But, you’d be forgiven if you hadn’t run across the shirts yourself, because until recently you could only find these gems in men’s specialty stores. Now, Enro’s perfectly fitted shirts are available online through its own website. With serious quality construction, forever flat seams that will never pucker and high fiber count fabrics, Enro ensures a made-to-measure fit without the measuring. The new Dynamic Fit uses 14 points of measurement reference — for comparison, the industry standard is eight points of measurement — which means it is shaped better and as close to custom as you can get off the rack. You also don’t have to worry about heating up the iron, as all Enro shirts are made with its second-generation non-iron technology that will keep your shirt crisp right out of the washing machine. With plenty of patterns and fabrics to choose from, you will be sure to find a shirt or two that fits your style. Right now you can snap up two Enro shirts for 25% off, three for 30% and four for 35% — so why not fill the closet.

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