Step up Your Bedroom with The Bed from Thuma

The Bed from Thuma is everything you would ever want out of your bed frame with thoughtful design and built to last a lifetime.


Your bed is the most used and often overlooked piece of furniture in your home. Platform bed frames have long been an afterthought — frequently they’re poorly designed and disposable. But The Bed from Thuma is the opposite: It’s everything you could want with considered, durable design that’s built to last from repurposed wood. Thuma’s platform bed frame combines smooth minimalist appeal and Japanese joinery technique construction to create a timeless frame. You can snap up a Thuma platform bed in all the standard mattress sizes and it’ll ship free of charge right to your door. With simple construction and design, you can also put it together in a matter of minutes — no tools required. Built strong and sturdy, The Bed is backed by Thuma’s lifetime warranty so it can take anything you throw on it.

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