An Award-Winning Backpack for 5 Years & Counting

Designed for the commuting creative, The Icon from Incase is a tech-optimized backpack with storage and organization for a litany of tech.


Our livelihoods and passions increasingly rely on the tech hardware we pack. And how to pack your computer, charger, hard drive, more chargers and tablet is a constant conundrum. First released by Incase in 2014, the Icon Backpack is a mobile office. Designed with a focus on the needs of the commuting creative, the Icon is a truly intentional, tech-optimized backpack with integrated comfort features, intelligent storage and organization for a litany of tech — MacBook, iPad, iPhone and accessories included. The Icon even has space for documents, since not everything can live solely in the digital world. The result of Incase’s precise design is a pack ready to take on the rugged demands of a life on your back, all while keeping your tech safe. In short, the Icon backpack is the pinnacle of organization and functionality, and right now, you can grab one for 20% off when you use the code INC-GEAR20.

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