How Are You Saving Money? – Winner!

WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations to Jonathan, the new owner of a Bosca Black Nappa Leather Card Case.


WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations to Jonathan, the new owner of a Bosca Black Nappa Leather Card Case. Jonathan’s comment/advice was chosen in our last Question Of the Week: How Are You Saving Money? Jonathan, we hope you enjoy it and that it helps you beef up that budget you’re currently skimping on with such deft precision.

In these times, every guy can benefit from taking several, if not all, of Jonathan’s practical saving tips to heart. Some of our favorites are listed below:

  • Avoid the grocery store: There is a reason why the bread and milk are in the back of the store, you will buy stuff you dont really need or can live without. Try going grocery shopping once a month if possible.
  • One word. PREGAME: If you’re gonna go out on the town drink before you do. You will save oodles of money. Oh and go with the Svedka instead of the grey goose at home and at the bar.
  • A rule to live by: if its not on sale don’t buy it. My mom has said it to me for 22 years now.

    Even though we only have one winner, there were plenty of other great points made by others. Again, we’ve picked out a sprinkling of our favorites.

    • Zane: We utilize a money market account and *try* to save 10% each month until we have a minimum of 6 months living expenses. We have also put back some other discretionary funds, which we are using to buy in to the market right now while prices are possibly at a lifetime low.
    • PBC: I’ve got the ING Direct savings and I just cancelled my cable premiums last month. I’m also thinking I need to cancel my home phone and just stick with cell phones.
    • David: Get a smart power meter for your apartment which charges you variable rates for power during the day. I saved an average of $40/month on my power bill by washing clothes/dishes etc at night.
    • Dirt Monkey: I still contribute 8 percent to my 401K, another $150/month to my IRA then $300 a month to my savings account (which, unfortunately, doesn’t stay there long). Problem there is that it’s too accessible. I either need to re-deposit that money into a savings account that’s harder to get to … or somewhat rig a device that slaps my mom every time I make a withdrawal.

      These are all great points and all of us at Gear Patrol appreciate the feedback. Please feel free to add anything else if new ideas come to mind and be on the look out for our next call for advice.

      -The GP Staff

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