Revtown Wants You to Move in Your Jeans

Revtown has taken the sportswear comfort, flexibility and durability and made denim that you can easily leap and bound in.


Finding a pair of jeans that fit just right can be a challenge — especially with a sea of options out there today. Revtown makes some of the most comfortable jeans available on the market thanks to the brand’s Decade Denim fabric. It’s woven with a bit of stretch — so they move with you, not against you. Revtown has taken the leaps and bounds made in sportswear design (like higher comfort, more flexibility and durability) and brought them to denim so you can easily leap and bound in your jeans. The Taper is Revtown’s take on a skinny jean. They combined a slim fit in the waist and hips with a taper through the leg opening for an overall sharp look. But unlike other skinny jeans, the Taper has all the comfort of a pair of Revtown jeans and are made to be moved in. So move on over and try em’ for yourself.

Buy Now: $79

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