One Tip to Increase Your Coffee’s Shelf Life

Stop ruining your coffee prematurely, and other tips and tricks for making the best cup of coffee.

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Chandler Bondurant

Without even knowing it, you may be inadvertently ruining your coffee beans every time you transfer it from its bag to a container. Our home editor found out why, and how you can prevent it. Additionally, we’ve rounded up some coffee tips, tricks and deals so your weekend morning brews are that much sweeter.

The Best Way to Keep Coffee Fresh Is Secretly the Easiest

What is the best way to keep coffee fresher, longer? As it turns out, it's probably best to just leave it in the bag.

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Why You Should Care About How to Grind Coffee Beans

There's a lot of science involved in making great coffee. Here are a few tips on one of the essentials: grinding your beans.

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You’re Cleaning Your Coffee Maker the Wrong Way

If you haven't cleaned the inside of your coffee maker since you bought it, this guide is for you.

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For Better Iced Coffee (or Faster Cold Brew), Pros Swear by This $40 Amazon Buy

Cold brew's upper hand on iced coffee comes down to convenience. What if iced coffee could compete?

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Experts Say This Is One of the World’s Best Coffee Makers, and Today It’s Cheaper than a Keurig

This is one of the best machines in all of coffee brewing. Why?

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These Are the Best New Products in Coffee, According to Coffee Experts

The Specialty Coffee Expo is the world's largest glimpse into what's hot in the coffee world. These are the judges' favorite new things.

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If You Like Coffee, You Need This App

Coffunity, the Untappd of coffee, is now available on both iOS and Android.

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