Inside the Latest Gear Patrol Magazine: Craft Whiskey, the Internet’s Most Famous Coffee Mug & More

From motorcycles built with the help of the Amish to beer-guzzling, sword-wielding blacksmiths, we look at craftsmanship in all its forms.

These days, people use the word “craftsmanship” to describe everything from the sartorial to the gastronomical. But its ubiquity has only led us to wonder, What does it mean for a product to be well-made?

To produce the latest issue of Gear Patrol Magazine, our team of product journalists went searching for an answer.


Inside Issue Eleven, you’ll find stories ranging from Jony Ive’s effect on the world’s most influential tech company to the unexpected problems that come with making the internet’s most popular coffee mug. There are also features about blacksmiths forging blades for the apocalypse (between swigs of beer), the surprisingly controversial world of aftermarket watch modification and the fight over what the term “craft whiskey” really means.

Additionally, two working artists model fall’s best and most comfortable layers and we share some of the gear we’ve been testing in the office: Yeti’s new dog bed, a dive watch from Seiko and Bose’s top-of-the-line noise-canceling headphones.

Gear Patrol Magazine, Issue Eleven is available now at the Gear Patrol Store.

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