Protect Your AirPods Charging Case in Sophisticated Style

Incase has crafted the Metallic Case made from a high-quality material that adds an element of style and protection to your AirPods.


If you have ever mixed up your AirPods with someone else’s, or let that small white case slip out of your hands and hit the ground, it’s not a bad idea to look for a bit of personalization and protection. Incase has a refined solution for protecting the charging case that holds and powers your AirPods. The folks over at Incase have crafted the Metallic Case, a lightweight, form-fitting case made from a high-quality metallic material that adds an element of style to your AirPods — while keeping its glossy charging case from getting scuffed and scratched. The case material features a textured, 100% vegan fabric with a subtle metallic finish making it durable and resistant to stains and abrasions so it will never lose its good looks. You can also grab 20% off the case with the code INC-GEAR20, so why not protect the way you connect.

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