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Morning Coffee: Your Guide to the Best Features from the Gear Patrol Archive

A recurring selection of the best features from the Gear Patrol Archives to consume with your morning cup of coffee.


Morning Coffee is our roundup of the best features from Gear Patrol’s archive alongside the gear you need to make a better morning cup.

Today’s Reads

Why Modern Fishing Is a Catch-and-Release Game

One obsessed angler travels to Belize to discover the experiences you bring back when the trophy is left behind.

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If your hobbies have you spending time in and around the water, you’ll want to check out this new series of watches from Luminox, launched just in time for World Ocean Day. The new Pacific Diver 3120 Series watches are sleek, but don’t let the appearance fool you — they are just as tough as Luminox’s other watches. Every feature of the watch is designed to withstand the rigors of time spent in the water — the 4mm stainless-steel case, CARBONOX™ uni-directional bezel, 200m water resistance, screw-in crown and case back, sapphire crystal and Luminox Light Technology (which guarantees you’ll be able to read the watch at night for up to 25 years) are just a few of its more important touchpoints.

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This Is Where Some of America’s Best Hiking Boots Are Made

In the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Peter Limmer makes the most sought-after custom leather hiking boot in the world.

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Lifestyle Gear Is Changing the Outdoors, but Is It a Good Thing?

For the longest time, outdoor gear companies built products designed to summit Everest and get to the South Pole. Now, a new generation of companies is building less-technical gear to use at home and in...

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Up Your Coffee Game: Fellow Ode Brew Grinder

If you’re into ultra-premium, super sleek kitchen appliances, you’ll want Fellow’s Ode Brew coffee grinder on your countertop — whether you’re a coffee nerd or not. The Ode Brew makes use of flat burrs to grind coffee instead of conical burrs or blades, and at 64mm (compared to an industry benchmark of 40mm) they’re heavy enough to stay calibrated for a long time to come. Without going too far down the rabbit hole, these larger burrs grind coffee faster in order to cut down on heat, since too much heat during the grinding process can distort the flavors of the coffee that you’re brewing. How about that? It turns out in some cases size really does matter.

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