Today in Gear: September 15, 2014

Today in Gear: parachute-inspired hammocks, the $2000 Blu-Ray device, mail order meats from the Mile End Deli and more.



Fujifilm X100T
In the world of photography and film, FujiFilm needs little introduction. Their latest, the fixed-lens digital X100T, upgrades the viewfinder with an electric rangefinder and improves on ergonomics. Among these added features, the camera showcases what Fujifilm calls “classic chrome”, a film simulation filter and homage to their classic beginnings. $1,300

Pioneer BDP-88FD
If you’re still watching old DVDs, it’s time to pull the trigger on that Blu-Ray upgrade you’ve been considering for half a decade. Pioneer’s new BDP-88FD has the ability to turn the most casual of viewers into heavyweight videophiles. Rest assured: the high price tag entails precision audio capabilities and a super high resolution (4K/60P/4:4:4/24-bit). If that’s not enough, its convenient network connection means the iPhone 6 you also splurged on is the new remote. $2,000

Just Mobile HeadStand
The latest staple on your office desk is so clever you’ll wish you’d thought of it. Just Mobile’s HeadStand, now available in a rose gold colorway, doubles as a display and protector, hanging those expensive over-the-ears out of harm’s way but close enough that your cubicle buddy can still admire. $50

Finn Rod Tube Roll
The gents at Finn in Richmond, Vermont know a thing or two about fly fishing. Their waxed canvas tube roll with French stitched holders keeps your rods snug and safe from travel bruises. But if you’re more of a land creature, you can pack up your mountain maps and sling this bad boy over shoulder for an Indiana Jones look. $290

Hummingbird Hammocks
The “hummingbird” in Hummingbird Hammocks alludes to the hummingbird’s seamless suspension in midair; fitting, given that these hammocks are made from the same material used in parachutes, and constructed with techniques inspired by the Parachute Industry Association. At just 5.2 ounces, their Single Hammock weighs less than all others on market shelves, is made in the USA, and passes military certification standards, reifying the brand’s commitment to top-quality production. $75

Mile End Mail Order Meats
New Yorkers felt blessed when Mile End Deli first graced the city with their smoked meat offerings, inspired by the Jewish deli heritage of Mile End in Montreal. Now, the entire country has access to their menu, inclusive of a five-pound hunk of brisket, by the way. Good timing for your traditional celebration of Rosh Hashanah — or an maybe an excuse for your first. $80+

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