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Today in Gear: October 2, 2014

Today in Gear: a classic gray flannel suit, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD — Kids Edition, a portable wi-fi hotspot and more.



Kawasaki Ninja H2R
Built solely for track use, Kawasaki tapped the best and brightest in their every division to develop the new Ninja H2R. Shod with race-ready slicks, the Ninja H2R is powered by a supercharged, 300 horsepower inline four-cylinder engine; it’s the most powerful motorcycle ever produced. You’ll also notice it has wings. To ensure this screamer wouldn’t balk at corners, the wheelbase was kept short, so those wings work to keep it earthbound under full throttle acceleration. kawasaki.com

Freeman Sporting Club Flannel Two Piece Suit
Ah, the gray flannel suit. This contemporary take on the great American classic is — ironically — made from 11-ounce Italian wool flannel, with full 100 percent Bemberg lining and floating camel and horsehair canvas. This jacket is modern fitting with high armholes for ease of movement; fittingly, the pants are slim fitting. $1,395

Microsoft Wireless Dislplay
You live in either an Apple or a Google household. Too bad for Microsoft households; they’re often late to the party as far as new products go. See Microsoft Wireless Display, a streaming device a la Chromecast or Apple TV. The Wireless Display allows mirroring of content to HDTVs or monitors from PCs, Surface Pro devices and Miracast-enabled Android devices with v4.2.1 or later. $60

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet
Games and reading alike been proven to have developmental benefits for kids. The Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet will allow your kid to benefit from both. It features a quad-core processor, an HD display, and front- and rear-facing cameras, along with parental controls that let you make sure your tyke is making good use of the thing. Opt for this instead of a lame Leapfrog faux-tablet. No kid wants that. $149

Karma Go Portable LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot
Someday we’ll realize that paying a flat rate for internet is like paying for 800 TV channels and only using nine of them. In that right, the Karma Go Portable LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot is precocious; with it, you pay as you go ($14 per gigabyte of data consumed) in lieu of a fixed plan, using Sprint’s 4G LTE network. It supports up to 8 concurrent users and can be taken anywhere with LTE service. $99

Smith Optics 1/07 Snow Goggles
Minimalist goggles are mostly about the lens, and Smith Optics doesn’t mess around. The brand that first introduced the world to rimless interchangeable goggles has unleashed its newest model, the I/07. These lifetime-guaranteed lightweight vision enhancers feature AirEvac integration technology and 5x anti-fog inner lens. Its a single-pivot release system makes lens-swapping simple. $225

Decrypted: The Specifications War Is Over
If the topic of mobile technology happens to come up at your local water cooler, it’s unlikely that a fight will break out concerning which colleague’s phone has the most RAM. Tech specs used to be consumers’ top priority; what do the numbers mean to us now, with supercomputers in our pockets? Read this story
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