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Today in Gear: December 24, 2014

Coffee beans from all over the world, Glenfiddich’s limited edition single malt whisky, the Meridian Explorer², Evelo’s Omni Wheel turns any bike into an electric one and more.

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Meridian Explorer²
The Explorer² will replace your computer’s sound card and exponentially increase the sound quality of a standard pair of earbuds or a full-blown audio system. The idea behind this device was to make compressed digital music sound more vibrant — basically to sound more like live music. How? By providing a highly sophisticated volume control system that extends audio range by 100dB. meridian-audio.com

Nobletree Coffee
Coffee makes a great gift for a simple and obvious fact: everyone drinks it. Nobletree is a new and growing coffee brand that (almost) exclusively sells online. Consumers can decide the source of their coffee — Africa, Central or South America — and order it without stepping outside. And yes, all their coffee beans are sustainably and ethically grown. nobletreecoffee.com

Omni Wheel by Evelo
Cut from the same cloth as the Copenhagen Wheel, Evelo’s creation transforms the bike you already own into an electric one. Simply replace your current front wheel with the Omni Wheel and get going. Quick and easy to install, the upgraded bike will handle most of the pedaling power for you, easily reaching 20 mph. The base model is capable of muscling through 40 miles on a single charge. $999+

One Year of White Pages
For globetrotting men, or for those who still favor the tangible over anything virtual, there are these 12 pocket notebooks: one for every month of the year. Each notebook’s cover is made of a Moleskine-like wrapper. They’re slim, easy to carry or slip into a pocket, and each contains 80 blank pages to write, scrabble or sketch in. $39

Parking Garage Christmas Decorations
Andy Spade started taking pictures of various parking garages decked out in all their holiday glory back in 2012. After posting his results on Instagram, he realized people liked that sort of thing (in the traditional and the Insta way). This book, distributed by Dashwood Books, collects the best of those photos. $30

Glenfiddich “The Original” Single Malt Whisky
Glenfiddich Distillery is only producing 24,000 bottles of this single malt whisky with oak, spices and citrus aromatics. Each is modeled after the company’s first straight malt scotch whisky, which was released in the US back in 1963. Order now to hop on the waiting list. caskers.com

The 2014 Audi S4 Is a Supercharged Daily Driver
The Audi S4, arguably, balances liveability and trackability better than any other car on the market. We figure out how. Read this story
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