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Today in Gear: April 18, 2016

A most excellent travel trolley, a pair of impressively excellent leather dress boots, new and excellent hard-working earbuds and much more.


Good morning and happy Monday. Hopefully you’ve finished and filed your taxes (our American friends, that is). If not, may we suggest calmly packing a bag, hailing a cab to the airport, purchasing a ticket — in cash — to somewhere halfway around the world and declaring asylum in an embassy until the whole thing blows over? Best of luck. Before you go all “on the lam”, here’s what’s good in gear: a most excellent travel trolley, a pair of impressively excellent leather dress boots, new and excellent hard-working earbuds and much more.

Designer Series Lighting by Haiku Home


Ever been told you really light up a room? Now’s your chance. These smart LED fixtures feature 16 brightness settings and will last more than 30 times longer than the regular 60-watt bulbs you’re currently using. Partially to save you money and partially because it’s awesome, the Designer Series senses when you’ve entered a room and turns lights on or off accordingly. Premier models feature light temperature shifting for the perfect ambience, and regardless of the model you choose, Designer Series fixtures all come with remote controls that manage all the futuristic features. (Pictured: Designer Series LED in Black)

Buy Now: $199

Travelteq Leather Trolley


Travel can be a disaster — a cacophony of disorganization, feeling disheveled and looking worse. This needn’t be the case. At the intersection of style, design and function you’ll find Travelteq, who bring you the best Italy has to offer in terms of luggage design and materials. Their new trolley is the right size for all manner of travel, with storage innovations to accommodate all your tech and carry-on needs. So even if that intercontinental flight leaves you a bit frumpy, at least your luggage will always look top notch. $730, available tomorrow, April 19.

Learn More: Here

Kenneth Boots by Aquatalia


The term “dress boots” usually conjures up images of Wild West cowboys awkwardly spinning around a barn dance with a demure widow just minutes before blowing away some uproarious outlaw out for revenge. But these superbly soft, comfortable and classy boots are an excellent addition to any modern guy’s wardrobe — no six-shooter necessary. Easy to slip into thanks to a side zipper, a good fit thanks to an adjustable buckle and made of water-resistant leathers. Available in smooth or pebbled black leather, or a rich tobacco-colored suede.

Buy Now: $550

JBL Reflect Aware C Earbuds


It can be difficult to find good-quality, hard-working earbuds that are worth the investment. Here’s a way out of those doldrums. These buds feature a USB-C connector (to work seamlessly with HTC’s latest HTC 10 phone), a sweat-proof no-slip design and reflective cords that make them easy to find even in the depths of your briefcase — and on the sound front, two 14.8mm drivers and noise canceling for a better audio experience.

Learn More: Here

Aviation Storage Trolley by Harbor Metal


Can’t count how many times you’ve sat in your aisle seat, glaring enviously at the flight attendant’s badass trolley cart? Next time you fly, pull him or her aside and show off pictures of your own, much more stylish example. 23 different styles are available, and can be covered in everything from crocodile skin to graphics of your choosing. Our prediction: your neighbors and friends will be lining up to have their elbows struck.

Learn More: Here

Pro Series 4K Ultra HD Outdoor TV by SunBrite


This latest release from outdoor tech specialists SunBrite TV is aimed straight at sports fans who need their tech to stand up to the kind of abuse a playing-in-the-rain-and-getting-sacked-every-play QB might withstand. 4K LED image quality is kept safe behind durable, anti-glare tempered glass; a powder-coated aluminum exterior wards off physical trauma; the TV is water-resistant and internal heating/cooling mechanisms keep things going in temperatures from -40 up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Buy Now: $24,995


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