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Today in Gear: April 26, 2016

An excellent option for carrying your laundry, an stylish way to carry your wallet and phone, a bad-ass truck to navigate any post-apocalyptic wasteland and much more.


Good morning and happy Tuesday. Yesterday a court upheld Tom Brady’s four-game suspension due to “Deflategate” — which sucks mostly because we’re tired of hearing about the league’s ball problems. At least Tom will have a little more time to himself, and maybe even to read up on what’s good in gear: an excellent option for carrying your laundry, an excellent option for bundling and carrying your wallet and phone, an excellent option for carrying you and a few passengers through a post-apocalyptic wasteland and straight to valhalla and much more.

Razor Ripsurf


The mad inventor behind the Crazy Cart hooligan/drift machine has done it again. This time, Ali Kermani thinks you should be surfing through the concrete jungle. Thanks to something called RipStik Air tech, it’s possible to accelerate and decelerate without your feet lifting off the Ripsurf. Best part: no sharks. Worst part: two-ton automobiles that will crush you. Be careful out there.

Buy Now: $112

The Phone Wallet by Bellroy


Bellroy makes truly outstanding leather goods that several of us at GP use daily. We also happen to use our phones daily, since we’re, you’re know, alive. That makes this the perfect pairing — stylish, durable and extremely handy.

Learn More: Here

Bullet Bluetooth 4.1 Earbuds


Uh, okay, so these are awesome. They’re wireless buds that charge in an hour and feature 80 hours of standby time, CVC noise-reduction tech and a built-in microphone for making calls. The 3.5-gram devices plug into a portable charging cylinder to re-juice. Even the casual audiophile should be pleased.

Buy Now: $150

Chipmunk Bags


Especially if you’re a city- or college-dwelling type, you know how much it sucks to carry your laundry around. It’s a lame chore that’s hard to get right — as great as they are, those blue IKEA bags can be unwieldy at best. These packs are great for carrying said laundry, or really any gear you’ve got while camping or otherwise, thanks to a sturdy, handsome design featuring 1,000-denier nylon and seatbelt webbing. They’ll last you a billion loads of laundry — though by then we’ll all be wearing silver jumpsuits that never need washing. But still.

Buy Now: $50

GP Journey Print Series


Part of what we do at Gear Patrol is concentrate on producing only the best-quality writing, intelligently curated gear and top-notch art. We have several ace photographers on staff who produce such exquisite work that we hung it on our walls. Which you can do as well — our Journey Series is a small collection some of the best photographs we’ve come across, from our very own photographers.

Learn More: Here

Toyota Tundra Diablo by Devolro


So, we never actually want the apocalypse to come. Honest. That would mean millions or billions of casualties, radiation fallout and flesh-eating zombies. Though at least it might stop the new Baywatch movie from coming out. Anyway, the point is that if/when it comes, this modded Toyota is what we’ll be driving. A 600 horsepower V8 moves the already-tough-but-thoroughly-tougher-now Toyota Tundra. A beefy suspension with killer tires, an interior that’s decked out in luxury and exterior panels coated with Line-X. There’s a boatload more, so read on.

Buy Now: $199,000

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