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Today in Gear: May 16, 2016

A bridle leather briefcase, a speaker series that’ll change the way you listen to music, an electric big rig and much more.


Good morning and happy Monday. Did you catch Drake Saturday Night Live over the weekend? People are raving — or… hotline-blinging? Is that still a thing? — about his comedy chops. Regardless of whether or not you know and/or care about turtlenecked singers dancing to strange music like they’re having the most awkward acid trip in history, here’s what’s good in gear: a bridle-leather briefcase that’ll change your whole work look, a speaker series that’ll change the way you listen to music, an electric big rig that aims to change the world and much more.

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Bridle Lock Briefcase by Lotuff


You say you don’t have a reason to carry a briefcase now that everything’s digital? Well here’s one made of fully struck-through, vegetable-tanned bridle leather that’ll patina over time, with a solid brass Italian lock. The single-gusset case is sturdy and has pockets galore. Ditch the backpack (or relegate it to the weekends).

Buy Now: $1,900

BP9000 Speaker Series by Definitive Technology


Finally updated after six years, the BP (bipolar) series is a group of floor-standing speakers that’s as sonorous as it is elegant. The series cleverly and cohesively integrates Dolby Atmos tech, powered subwoofers and the DTS:X A90 module for surround-sound quality like no other. For the discerning audiophile.

Learn More: Here

One Hybrid Big Rig by Nikola Motor Company


While autonomous technology has been tested on trucking fleets elsewhere in the world, we in the States are likely sticking with human-driven semis for quite a while. Nikola (a forename plucked from a certain Mr. Tesla’s birth certificate) aims to revolutionize truck shipping with all-electric fleets. The stats are long (and there’s even a calculator on the site to help determine how much money Nikola trucks will save you), but suffice it to say these trucks utilize batteries similar to civilian cars and are four times as powerful, twice as fast, will travel nearly twice as far as traditional rigs, making them up to four times as economical. Pretty shocking.

Learn More: Here

Sitrana Leather Goods


Sitrana makes leather goods like you won’t find in a big box store. They were funded in Santiago, Chile by a man who was fed up with footwear options elsewhere and saw a talented, precious industry becoming vanquished by corporations around the world. We’re particularly fond of the Lacho shoe, with its rich cowhide leather and red laces. If you’re a New Yorker, check out the brand’s new store in Williamsburg.

Buy Now: $365

Twist 60 by Lensbaby


Recommended for full-frame cameras, this lens fits right on to your rig’s body. The clever little guy separates subjects from their backgrounds for a unique, near-vintage look.

Buy Now: $280

Gear Patrol Magazine


Not only is print not dead, it’s thriving. Maybe monthly mags are printed on thinner paper these days, and perhaps they’re comprised of fewer pages, but it’s the less frequent and more curated publications that are coming out on top. We publish GP Magazine twice annually, with rich, original stories and photography cover to cover (almost 300 pages). We hope you find that each issue is one you’ll want to keep and dedicated a shelf to.

Buy Now: $20

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